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Chromecast Can’t Connect to WiFi: Here’s How to Fix it! [2021]

Chromecast Can't Connect to WiFi

Chromecast can’t connect to WiFi or any network?

Relax… you are not the only one facing this problem. There are hundreds of people out on the internet who are looking for a solution. To get you proper help, this is the exact guide below that you were looking for.

Below are a few fixes that will help you to easily connect the Chromecast back again. Without any further ado, let’s scroll down at the solutions. check out Google’s Chromecast won’t connect to the internet.

Cause of Chromecast Can’t Connect to WiFi

#Fix 1: Check WiFi Network

The reason why your Chromecast can t connect to WiFi is mainly because of unsecured connections. The most common reason why you may be thinking about this is because you may have forgotten the WiFi password and also the SSID. Other reasons may include that you forgot to update the router network. The first thing that you need to do is to fix the router network properly.

You need to make sure that all devices in your home are connected to the same network as the Chromecast in your home. If you find there is a setup error, try to reset the router again. It is important to change the networks and will help you to get easy solutions as well. You will have to make sure that it works perfectly. You need to check the settings of the router and find out what network it is on. After this, you need to match the settings as available on these devices.

#Fix 2: Use the Extender

Failing to connect to a signal may be another reason why the Chromecast is not connected to WiFi. There may be multiple reasons why you are facing such issues and why it is not being able to connect at all. You may try to connect the device with your TV and other products all around. Before you start, you need to look for the option of having a physical extender that will help you to get fast results. Usually, the Chromecast comes with an HDMI extender that allows you to get a simple configuration.

This cable is a small and hard-wired device that helps you to connect the Chromecast to the back of the TV. It is important to choose a proper setup system that will help you to get fast and effective results. You need to use the extender to get a complete solution for the connectivity and also easy configuration across. This will allow the Chromecast device to easily get connected and will also allow the router to get free space.

#Fix 3: Move the Modem/Router

When all these repair protocols do not work you will have to take the help of replacing the router and modem(Please check the difference). Sometimes, due to obstructions or weak signal links, the Chromecast becomes a big factor to choose when it comes to easy connectivity and making it sure to work with them. If the router is placed at a longer distance, it will automatically reduce the connection strength.

As a result, it will not be able to get complete signal control and the Chromecast will not favor a secure network as well. According to the research, it is the best option to have the product around 15 feet of the length from the device. You must ensure that the router is present at a limited distance from the Chromecast so that you can get a favorable position.

#Fix 4: Reset the Modem/Router

Sometimes, it may be entirely the fault of the router that you are using. Having a router that does the job well for you is always a big challenge. The router for your home may just be overheated at times. When it starts to overheat, the signals and networks will not work much. As a result, you may face a lot of issues in establishing a connection. This is why it becomes important to reset the router at times.

When you reset the router, every setting will be back to the default configuration. You will be able to pair the Chromecast with the router network again. However, once you reset, every established connection will not be present. You have to configure every device again. Although you need to know the configuration details of the router, it is probably the easiest procedure to follow.

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#Fix 5: Factory Data Reset

Now, this is the most orthodox way to get your Chromecast connected to the network if it stops working completely. All that you need to do is to rest the device and your settings will be live back again. Resetting the device does not mean that you will lose the data. In Fact, it simply changes the Chromecast number. To get it back you need to run the setup procedure again. Resetting the device is not at all difficult if you do know the procedure. It can be done using two ways- either from the device itself or by using the Google Home application.

To reset, using the application, you need to open up the Google Home application and then log in to your account. This will show all the connected devices through the application and then you can go to the settings menu. Here you will find the reset button. Simply tap on this and you will be able to configure it again. To reset the device from the Chromecast, look for the reset switch available. It should be present right at the back of the device. Press it for at least 30 seconds and hold this button-down. You will be able to reset the device and then use it again.

#Fix 6: Check the Network Settings

Using a router for your home does the job well enough. Today, there are more devices getting connected to the router every day and you will be able to use them with multiple devices. Chromecast is a wonderful device that allows you to easily connect with the router. However, it has specific network settings that you should compromise if you wish to use the Chromecast for your home.

When it comes to channel bonding, the Chromecast prefers the 2.4GHz channel. Although most of the routers do have the 2.4GHz channel as their primary route these settings may change when you have a dual-band router. To know further details, you need to log in to the router admin panel and figure out the exact status of connectivity. Make sure that the primary mode of connectivity is set at the 2.4GHz channel for the best use.

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#Fix 6: Update Your Router’s Firmware

If none of the above methods do work for you, the problem is within the router itself. If you are using the router for a long time and it is an old model, you are likely to face this problem frequently. This is mainly because Chromecast is a new device and it also requires updated software to get connected. The best solution would be to upgrade the router firmware. You can opt for a professional to do a firmware update on your router or else, you can do this alone. All it takes is just a few steps to log into the router admin and then download the new firmware. Use a bootable USB drive to download the software and then you can boot the router with the help of this program.

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Chromecast Can’t Connect FAQs

Q1. How do I set up Chromecast on my TV?

Ans: Connecting the device with your television set is not at all difficult. It just takes a few steps for you to complete the configuration. Every Chromecast comes with an HDMI cable which you can plug into the TV. Now, you can open up the Google Home application and wait for the device to complete these configuration steps. Once it connects with the TV, the Chromecast will be paired.

Q2. How do I use Chromecast without WiFi?

Ans: If you do not have the wifi option available, you can simply take over the Chromecast button to get started with the next few steps. All that you need to do is to press the button and look for the nearby devices that are available. The AI from Chromecast will automatically detect all the devices present and will display them on the screen. You can easily pair it up using the API from the Google Home cloud and get going.

Q3. Does Chromecast drain WiFi?

Ans: Now this will depend on the type of task you are doing and the requirements you have for it. If you are using the Chromecast device to watch movies on your connected devices, it will obviously consume data. The picture resolution also plays down a big part in the amount of data this home device is consuming. It is better to get the Chromecast connected with the router for seaming less access.


You can try out all these fixes to get yourself connected. However, if none of the above methods work, there’s a problem with the wifi module of the device. For this, you need to contact a professional and then possibly replace the device.

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