WiFi Extender

WiFi range extender works with a simple procedure. It allows you to make an external connectivity option for your device. Because of this, you will be able to set up wifi systems in your home. If you wish to know more about settings and configurations, here is a complete guide on this for you to follow.

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Must Know About WiFi Extenders

Home WiFi systems have emerged to be an easy solution for fast internet reach and access. You can’t configure the WiFi extender before you get to know about the specifications of an extender. The information provided below will surely help you to understand better.

#1. Channels:

Every router comes along with channels that act as different bands. Routers use specific channels to transmit frequency levels while getting connected to your device. Since radio frequencies can get overlapped at any time routers tend to use specific channels to send over the frequency. Usually, it is 11, 6, or 1. These channels do not tend to overlap and are great to use as well.

#2. WiFi Extender:

A Wi-Fi extender can be any device that helps to increase the wavelength of your router. It is a specific gadget that helps to extend the range of your network with the help of the transmission of signals. The signal from your modem may not be enough to reach out. As a result, this product helps to retransmit the signal through a wired or wireless connection.

#3. SSID:

A lot of people do not know what SSID is and how it helps a network extender. In simple terms, it is the service set identifier or simply by the name you would get to know about the product you are using. When you come out to check the connection, knowing the SSID will help you to gain knowledge about the configuration. You will be able to identify your router through this name.

#4. Frequency:

Every router requires a specific frequency to transmit the network wavelength to another device. In some single-band routers, this is set to a specific frequency of 2.4 GHz. When it comes to a dual-band router, another set of frequency channels is added. It is a 5 GHz band. The 2.4GHz band comes along with a standard connectivity feature that allows you to include a decent range. However, the 5 GHz channels offer a better speed but the range is much lower in nature.

Step to Change Channel Settings on WiFi Extender

People do use a WiFi extender to bring the best out of your products. It is equally important to configure the router to get better settings. You can improve the WiFi connection if you know the right procedure for channel settings. When you feel that there is stipulated network congestion, you can swiftly alter the settings as per your needs. There are a few benefits to changing the channel settings.

  1. Configuration helps in improving the WiFi connection. When you are bound with a few network congestion problems, you will have to create a channel with changes.
  2. The next benefit of changing the channel is that you will not feel any technical difference at all. There are no such problems while changing the channel settings and it takes up only a few steps to complete this procedure.
  3. Another big reason why most professionals try to change the channel settings is that it allows you to get separate channels. When one of the channels is filled you can simply break it down into two.

Steps to Change Channel Settings

If you are experiencing any WiFi settings, you will have to follow a few procedures to test out different channel settings. Every manufacturer will have a different method that allows you to change the settings of the WiFi extenders. So to start this procedure, you will have to follow the manual to get more details.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is simply plug in the router. Turn it on from the plugboard and open up your PC.
  2. The 2nd step is to go to any browser from your PC. Choosing Google Chrome or Firefox could be a feasible experience for you. Open up the browser and then go to the address badly. Type down “http://” followed by the IP address of your router! Make sure that you are entering the IPv4 address that will help you to configure the channel settings.
  3. Tap on the enter button and you will go to the admin panel. Here, you need to enter the username or the SSID followed by the default password. Once you type this down, simply tap on the login button.
  4. You can now go to the system settings menu option. Follow up the procedure to go to the Gateway settings. You can now tap on the Connection page and then open up WiFi settings.
  5. Once you open up the WiFi settings, here you will find the channel section. There should be an edit button. Simply tap on this and then you need to select the channel according to your preference. If it is a 2.4 GHz channel or a 5 GHz channel, simply tap on the radio button beside this. Remember to save the settings that you have changed. If you do not change the settings, it will not be perfect.

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Should I Use the Same SSID for the WiFi Extender?

Chopping and our system configuration will be a big problem for everyone. Every manufacturer prefers to have its SSID in place of the same one. It is simply because every wifi extender requires simple security settings. Using different SSIDs could be an ideal choice for some reasons. If you wish to know more about this, here are a few reasons why choosing different SSID names could be important.

#1. Know Which Device it is Connected To

The most important thing is that it lets you know about your connectivity settings. If you have the same SSID, you won’t be able to know whether you are connected to the main router or the extender. But with different SSID configurations, you will be able to know more about this. Most devices do not have smart module settings that will allow them to change to the nearest access point. Even smartphones will stick with a connecting unit which will help them to get better options. If it has a different name, you will be able to change the settings.

#2. Connect it to the Preferable Choice

If both router and wifi extender have the same SSID name and password, you will always be in doubt about which one to connect to! Some of them might connect to available strong signals. However, some of them may complete the configuration procedure randomly. You would not want the device to connect with your preferred network. This will allow you to get a preferable network name and a similar SSID. If they have different network names, you can adjust the connectivity and use your devices accordingly.

#3. You Can Use Them for Multiple Reasons

It is not necessary that a complete network must be used for a single purpose. The main idea of having a wifi extender is that it will help you to complete multiple purposes easily. You can create a guest network as well with your wifi extender or use the remote settings to connect to your television. If you have children in your home, changing settings will be helpful for you to get complete access controls and settings. You can twitch controls and even assign a different name for wifi extenders to get amazing results.

Should I use the Same Frequency for the WiFi Extender?

This is the tricky part while you are configuring a router or a wifi extender for the first time. To be fair, the configuration of the router completely depends on what your mode of work will be.

If the wifi setup is for multiple purposes, you can set your frequency requirements to different channels. Usually, routers do come with multiple bond channels that include either a 2.4 GHz channel or a 5 GHz channel.

If you need to change or set up frequencies for multiple purposes, choosing different channel bonds could be different for your uses. If you have the right channel settings, it could get easier for you to control multiple devices according to the wireless connectivity settings.

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Can Settings Break Your WiFi Network?

Changing the settings will not break your network. It also depends on how you would wish to use your connected devices with the product. Changing the network settings will directly change the network. But if you wish to change the setting like data capacity or data limit, it will break your network completely.

While you are willing to change settings like security or wish to alter default settings, it becomes important to break your network. You must keep in mind to keep track of the data you are changing. If possible, simply take a screenshot to get things completed. It will help you to get the default settings back if you want to get the right settings.