About Us – Routers Network

Our Mission

At Routers Network, our technical team is working round the clock to bring our readers comprehensive and well-reviewed articles, blogs, and content related to networking and routers. Our vision is to curate a holistic and well-rounded review of every product that we have personally tested and deemed safe for usage in homes. We want our approach to reach every target audience who is considering purchasing shortly.

Our Vision

Our mission is to focus on bringing versatility to our content. We want to cover the majority of the topics that address the needs of our readers. From installation to hazard prevention, our team is working to curate detailed guides to address all the concerns.

Who are We?

James Burns

Seeing the lack of comprehensive review websites, I developed this blog following my eight years of professional experience in handling, installing, and designing networking systems. As someone who has worked in this niche, I know things can get complicated and confusing very easily, which is why I started this blog. My primary intent was to make the process of choosing networking parts a lot less challenging. It was my love for my job that pushed me to share my experiences through a blog.

John Retzlaff

I am responsible for curating and designing the content that you read on Routers Network. With the help of James, I dive into the market trends, research what our readers need solutions for, read through existing reviews, test out products, and then curate a comprehensive guide on the same. My primary intent is to make understanding these networking systems a lot less like a riddle for the owners. We are working and growing as a team to make this information a lot more accessible and understandable to the common people who have no preconceived notion about it.