Access Your Router If You Forget the Password

Having a router in your home and workplace always eases the workload. The router allows you to connect with several wireless and wired devices so that you can complete the work in a given time. It’s truly a handy device to have. To establish a secure connection, the router asks your device to pair it up in exchange for a security password. However, if you have just forgotten your router password, there’s not much reason to worry. You may forget to remember the username and the password because of automatic login. But you can still do it in many ways mentioned below. Simply have a read and you will get the best help.

How to View Wifi Password

You may have forgotten the password but not changed it after logging in for the first time. In such a case, you still have the option to get back the default password settings available for the product. It is important that you set up the configuration settings according to the instructions given by the router manufacturer. There are 6 major ways by which you can find out the default username and password. They are mentioned below:

1. Finding It Out Online

Almost every piece of information is available all over the internet. You can easily find out the default username and password that is available all over the internet. You can simply type down the manufacturer’s name and then go to the official website. However, you need to remember the model name. Once you reach out to the website, you can search for the default username and password. Usually, it’s the same for all models from a manufacturer. Simply type it down and you can gain access.

2. Look for the Label

Usually, manufacturers provide written information about your model and also the pairing specifications. There should be a label on the router either on the front end or on the flip side. You can look for the label and once you find it, try to look for the specifications. Here, you will find your username mentioned after ‘SSID‘. This is the default username. The password is either written next to it or it is mentioned below as Password/Pin. This will help you to easily note down and type it on the router login page.

Look for the Label for router password

3. Go for the Manual

If these two options do not work for you, the next thing to do is to look for the manual. Open up the box in which your router was delivered. Here, try to bring up the manual and search for the pages that have your profile written. Here, you will be able to see the default username and the password written. Usually, the username and the password are the same and written as “admin”.

You can also try these combinations between any of the below.


4. Crack the Router Password

If you have missed out on the default password or changed it, it’s time to crack the software. This procedure will take some time because it involves third-party applications or software that will bypass the router’s password. In simple words, you may have to download a new interface and put in all your credentials to crack the password. There are several applications available. It is a bug that transmits to your router network and allows you to gain access. So to counter this, you can take the help of reliable software that will allow you to pair up with the router again. Most of the software does come up with the option of a password text file which contains innumerable combinations of username and password. It matches up the file path and then cracks it.

5. Router Password Recovery

Another option is to take the help of password recovery. Like the previous steps, you will have to download this Exe. file which will allow you to get simple access. To start cracking the password, you need to enter the combinations and then you can go for the IP address. But, it is always better to at least know the username. Like the previous method, it will also contain millions of username and password combinations. You will have to narrow them down. This is why it is always important to know the username and then you can match it up with the correct type of password that is available for you. Type down the syntax as:

RouterPasswordRecovery.exe -i ip address -u username -f passlist

6. Reset the Router to Factory Default Settings

Resetting the password should be the last option that you need to go for. This is mainly because once you reset the router, it not only changes the password but also restores every setting to the default version. If you have made any manual changes to the router, every setting will be restored to the defaults and you may have to do this all over again. Keep in mind that it is important to take note of the IP configuration and the IPV4 settings. You can click a picture of it in case you forget the entire configuration pairing settings after the rest is done.

Resetting the router has many advantages like bringing it back to the default settings which will get your device connected to the router immediately. Here are some basic steps that you need to perform to reset the router.

Reset the Router
  • The first step is to look for the reset button available on the router. Usually, there is a small switch present next to the on and off buttons of the router. You can look for this switch on the back panel of the router.
  • Once you find this switch, carefully press it. Keep holding onto the switch at least for 10 seconds to allow it to go to the reset mode. Once you see all the lights blinking, move your fingers away. This procedure will take up to a few seconds.
  • The next step is to wait for the reset mode to complete. Once it is complete, the LED lights on the front panel will start blinking again. You can now confirm that the router has gone through the reset mode.
  • To connect with the devices, you simply have to take note of the default ID and the password present on the label of the router. You can also look for it in the manual guide present. Simply type it down on the relevant slots to connect to the admin panel.
  • You can now configure by entering the IP address, the default gateway as well as the DNS server to establish a connection. Once the configuration is done, you can now change the SSID and the password of the router

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Why can I not Log into my Router?

There can be several reasons why you are facing such issues. However one of them might be because of no response from the module. Try to switch off the router for a few minutes and then switch it back on. If you remember the password, you should be able to connect with it.

Q2. How do I log in as Admin on WIFI?

If you want to log in as an admin to the router, you need to go to the login admin panel. Find out the admin URL from the internet and then enter the default id and the password is available. This will allow you to enter the admin panel for the router.

Q3. Can I log into my Router Away from Home?

Of Course, you can, but to gain access, you need to enter the remote control port for the identification of the router. With the help of this, you will be able to gain control of the router followed up by the admin id and the password for login.

Q4. Why is 192.168 1.1, not Opening?

There may be two major reasons for this to happen. The primary reason for this is that no stable connections are present. Another reason might be that you have changed the admin id and the password. You can reset them back to the default settings at any time.

Q5. Why is my Router Page not Opening?

Usually, the router page opens up when you are connected to the router itself. But if you are not, you need to manually enter the IP address on the browser. Check other pages on the browser that will help you to know about the working condition of the router.


Always try to note down the password of your router to avoid getting late for work. However, it’s still better to change the default username and password to keep it secure. In case you forget the new username and password, you can easily change it and restore it to the default settings. We hope that this guide mentioned above has helped you the most to recover your password and get the best help. It takes just a few minutes to bring up a new password.

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