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Can You Have Two Modems in One House? Check in 2024

Can You Have Two Modems in One House? Let’s find out in detail

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a fast and stable internet connection in your home. Unfortunately, this demand of yours is not always met due to various reasons.

For instance, many people don’t get WiFi signals in some areas of their homes. This is especially a problem for people living in big houses.

A modem is a key to securing a good internet connection. So can you have two modems in one house? Will it help to solve internet issues? Let us find the answers to these questions in the post below.

Can You Have Two Modems in One House

Can You Have Two Modems in One House?

The short answer to this is yes! You can install two or even more modems in a single house. By doing so, you can enjoy faster internet speeds and full wireless coverage throughout your home.

Installing multiple modems ensures greater network stability, so you can enjoy your online sessions without interruptions.

The process to set up two modems can be a bit tricky, but you should be able to accomplish it with just a little guidance. Instead of asking for suggestions from friends and family members, you should talk to a professional. They can help you better than anyone else.

Ways To Connect Two Modems In One House

There are two common methods to connect two modems in a single house. The methods include:

  • Two-Way Splitter

With the help of a two-way splitter, you can split your connection into two separate devices. Before applying this method, you must make sure that your connection has enough bandwidth to be split.

  • Bridge Mode

Bridging mode is another method to use two modems together in the same house. This method is usually preferred by gamers. Bridging allows multiple people to connect to one modem, while the other one stays off. The connected modem will be the one taking charge.

How to Set up Two Modems in One House?

As already discussed above, there are different ways you can set up a second modem. Using the bridging method can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not a tech-savvy person. This is why we have covered one of the easier ways to set up a second modem.

Here are the steps that need to be followed:

  • When setting up two modems in one house, you will have to pick one modem as the main access point. You should choose the more efficient one. 

The other unit will act as the gateway to extend the reach of the main modem.

  • Now place both the modems near your PC or laptop. Remember, this is done only for the setup process. Once you are done, you can place the modems wherever you want.
  • Select the type of network you want to use between the two modems. In this case, you have two options: LAN to LAN and LAN to WAN. Choosing either of the options will help you to extend the range of your WiFi network. The main difference lies in the type of connection that will take place between the two modems.

For example, you can set a sub-network within the main network with LAN to WAN. Not only that, but you can also place some restrictions on the devices that will connect to the network. 

On the other hand, LAN to LAN allows you to establish a file-sharing mechanism between the two modems. This might come in handy for people working from home.

  • After selecting the network type, you can proceed to set up the two modems. For this, you will have to connect your main modem to your PC and configure the settings. If you are using a laptop that doesn’t have an Ethernet port, then you will have to get an Ethernet to USB converter.
  • To access the settings page of your modem, enter its IP address in the web browser. You will find the IP address on the backside of the modem. 
  • Once you are on the settings page, change the DHCP service address. However, if you choose the LAN to LAN type connection, then leave the DHCP settings unchanged.

But for LAN to WAN connection, you will have to permit the address between to

  • After you are done with the above step, disconnect the main modem and link the other modem to your PC. Now type the IP address of this modem in the browser.
  • You will have to change the IP address of the second modem to match the primary one. Remember to change the second last number of its IP address.

Let’s say, the original IP address is You will have to change it to

  • The next thing you need to do is disable the UPnP of the second modem. You can perform this step only if the modem has this option. Also, make sure that the subnet masks of both modems are matching.
  • If you are using two WiFi modems, then you will have to change the settings manually. This can be done by using a channel on the main network between 1 and 6. After that, you will have to make the same changes on the second modem to channel 11.

Will Two Modems Give You Better Service than One?

Installing two modems in your house comes with plenty of advantages. Before investing in multiple devices, you should ask yourself if you need two modems.

Having two modems will allow you to connect more devices to the network. This can be useful for large families with several smart devices. 

Nowadays, every individual has at least 3-4 devices. Now if you have only one modem and more family members, it would completely choke the network. But this situation could be avoided with two modems working simultaneously in the same house.

To boost the speeds of individual networks, you could set up both wireless and wired networks within a single internet connection. This could be done using a WiFi modem to a secondary device.

Another obvious benefit is the extended WiFi range in your house. By installing two modems, you can eliminate any dead WiFi zones in your home.

It is also possible to limit some devices to using only one modem. For example: for transferring large files, playing online games, or other demanding online tasks.

Installing two modems allows you to extend the wireless range while maintaining a stable network for the people in your house. Not only that, but it also saves you from getting another internet connection.

Why Should Have Two Modems in One House?

Some of you might be wondering the reason behind installing two or more modems in a single residence. While the majority of people are satisfied with one modem, some prefer multiple devices. They need more speed and stability for the following reasons:

  • Ultra 4K HD streaming

Online streaming without buffering requires good internet speed. The requirement for speed increases with the quality of streaming. A single modem might not be enough to support ultra 4k HD streaming. For a fast and reliable connection, while streaming, you will need the power of two modems.

  • Enhanced bandwidth

To get more download and upload speeds, you will need to enhance your bandwidth capacity. Instead of paying for a new internet connection, you should install two modems in your house.

  • Extend the Wi-Fi coverage

If you have a large home and only one modem, there might be signal issues in some corners of your house. This problem could be solved with the use of two modems. It will help you to extend the WiFi coverage, so you can enjoy strong signals throughout your home.

  • Improved security

Some users prefer two modems just for the sake of security. If you are not comfortable sharing the same modem with your guests, having a second modem would be helpful. This is especially true for homeowners with smart houses.

Pros & Cons of Having Two Modems


  • It ensures high security as multiple modems reduce the risk of attackers affecting all your devices. Every modem works separately. So if one modem gets hacked, the other one will be safe.
  • Having two modems will give you two separate networks registered on the same ISP.
  • It will give you faster internet speeds and full wireless coverage throughout your house.


  • Your internet connection plan will be tied to the modem provided by your ISP. To install a second modem, you will have to get it provisioned by your ISP.
  • You will have to invest in two modems, instead of one.

Final Words

By now it should be clear how having two modems in a single residence can be helpful. Initially, it might feel expensive to invest in two modems, but you can reap great benefits in the long run. Just follow the steps mentioned in this post to complete the setup. If you find it difficult, then you have professionals to help you out.

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