Arris Group is a leading telecommunications company that manufactures high-quality gadgets such as routers, modems, mesh networking systems, and more.

Users rely on Arris devices because of their excellent connectivity. With an Arris router, you can enjoy fast internet speeds for all types of demanding tasks.

Arris Group On My Network

Despite the high quality, Arris devices are not 100% safe and secure. If you are an Arris user, you might see an Arris Group device on your network. If it is an unknown device, it might pose a security threat, and therefore, it is important to remove them from your network.

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What Does Arris Group on My Network Exactly Mean?

Before moving on to further details, it is important to know what Arris Group on My Network means. To put it in simple words, it means that are using an Arris router to access the internet.

Networking devices from Arris such as routers and modems usually have their default names as Arris Group. So the Arris Group on your network is your wireless router.

Arris Group could also mean multiple Arris devices, such as extenders and Wi-Fi boosters connected to your router.

As a leading brand, Arris is known to manufacture various networking devices including extenders, mesh network units, modems, and repeaters. These devices can connect to your wireless router and appear on your network as Arris Group.

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Let’s say, your neighbor also has an Arris device. It will also show on your network by the same name. It means your WiFi signal is picked by the additional device i.e. your neighbor’s router.

When searching for nearby wireless networks, your other devices like laptops and smartphones may also appear as Arris Group on the network.

Arris Group on My Network: Troubleshooting Issues

After reading the above paragraphs, it is clear that Arris Group Inc. on My Network is not a threat. Rather it is an Arris device that is appearing on your network. In most cases, these devices are harmless.

But if you spot any unknown or suspicious device on your network, then it’s a problem. Someone may be trying to hack your system. If you notice any such thing, you must take immediate action before it gets too late. You need to troubleshoot the issue to save your network privacy and security from getting compromised.

To help you out, we have provided a few troubleshooting solutions in the below lines.

#1. Check the List of Connected Devices

The first thing you need to do is inspect and identify the devices that are connected to your network. Like every other router, Arris routers also keep track of all the connected devices, allowing users to easily access the list.

The next thing you need to do is confirm the gateway address of your router. You should check the MAC address of the unrecognized device in case of any issues. If the MAC address of the unknown device is the same as your router, it means it’s your router that is appearing as Arris Group on your network.

If you are not sure how to check the MAC address, follow these instructions.

  • Open a web browser.
  • Enter the default IP address of your router.
  • Type in your login details correctly.
  • This will allow you to log into the admin portal.
  • Now you can access the list of connected devices.
  • Select the unrecognized device that is labeled as Arris Group and write down the MAC address.
  • Compare the MAC address with your router’s MAC address.
  • If both the MAC addresses are the same, then there’s no problem.

If you see unrecognized Arris devices even when your Arris device is offline, remove them from your network.

#2. Reboot Your Arris Modem and Router

No electrical device is free of glitches or bugs including your Arris modem or router. If not removed, these glitches and bugs can cause non-existent units to show up on your device.

However, this issue can be solved by simply rebooting your modem and router. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • First, switch off your modem and router and unplug them from the power source.
  • Disconnect both your modem and router and wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • After that reconnect your modem and router by plugging them into the power outlet.
  • Give a few minutes for both devices to reboot.
  • Once done, check the status of your network.

It should be noted that rebooting will not change your WiFi settings, name, and password. This means, that if an unrecognized device has your password, it can reconnect to your network.

If you have confirmed that the Arris device appearing on your network is not your gateway, modem, or router, it is better to factory reset your device. All you need to do is press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. Doing so will reset your WiFi password and name to the default settings.

Now that your login details are changed, only devices that have the information saved will be able to connect to your network. This is a good way of stopping malicious and unrecognized devices from accessing your network.

#3. Reset Your WiFi Password

Another thing you can do is reset or change your WiFi password. Unplug the connected devices one by one, unless you find the device that is named Arris Group.

In case, you are unable to recognize the Ariss Group device even after disconnecting them, it means it’s an unauthorized device on your network. It could either be from a hacker or your neighbor.

In this case, the best solution would be to reset your Wi-Fi password. This will help you to kick out freeloaders, hackers, and snoopers. Plus, it will upgrade your network’s security.

It is advised to change your WiFi password every month or week. It is needed for the safety and privacy of your network. Make sure that you set a strong password. Use a combination of varying numbers, special characters, and letters to make your password difficult to crack.

These are the steps you need to follow:

  • Launch your preferred web browser on your PC or mobile phone.
  • Visit your router’s admin page by entering the default IP address in the URL box on the top.
  • Once the site opens, you will be asked to enter your login details.
  • After accessing your router’s settings page, select Wireless Security, WLAN, or Wireless.
  • Now find your WiFi password and name.
  • Set a new strong password.
  • Once done, hit the Save button.

#4. Get Rid of Unknown Devices

Having unknown devices on your network is never a safe thing to do. Plus, it might cause internet issues or congestion on your network. This is why it is important to get rid of unknown devices. By doing so, you can improve internet speeds, and save bandwidth. But just removing those devices is not enough. You need to make sure that they don’t get access to your network again in the future.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to the URL bar and enter the default IP address of your router.
  • Next, enter your router’s password and name.
  • This will give you access to the router’s admin page.
  • Select the Status option to see the connected devices.
  • Select the devices you want to put in your block list.

#5. Update Your Antivirus Software

Installing antivirus software is a good way to deal with Arris Group devices. If you already have an antivirus installed on your device, you should upgrade it to the latest version.

Antivirus software will not help you identify or remove Arris Group devices from your network. The purpose of an antivirus program is to keep your device safe when connected to WiFi.

There are many different antivirus software available online. Go for a reliable one that will protect your device from hacking attacks.

Windows 10 users already have internet security software on their computers. The good thing about this program is that it is automatically updated by the system. As long as your computer has internet access, the program will be automatically updated. Just make sure that Windows Defender is enabled on your device.

In case, you have installed third-party antivirus software, make sure that all virus databases and licenses are updated and active. Enable the “automatic update” option to automatically upgrade your antivirus software. Using outdated software can jeopardize the safety of your device.

#6. Set up a VPN

Along with antivirus software, you should also get a VPN service to boost the security of your network. An efficient VPN service can keep your devices protected from unrecognized devices on your network.

A VPN does not help identify or remove unrecognized devices from your network. Instead, it ensures a secure connection by hiding your device’s IP address. Not only that, but a VPN also masks your online activities. This prevents snoopers and hackers from monitoring your traffic.

There are several VPN services available on the internet. But not all of them are efficient. You should get a premium VPN service that offers effective protection against cyber threats. A paid VPN offers better security features than a free one.

#7. Use Two-Factor Authentication

For those unversed, two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security protocol that requires users to provide two different types of identification to access a network.

To access a secured WiFi network, new devices are required to enter a passcode and username. By adding this feature to your router, you can prevent unrecognized devices from reaching your network.

Some routers provide the option to set up 2FA via the online management page. All you need to do is access the admin portal and confirm if the 2FA option is available.

#8. Call Your Internet Service Provider

If none of the above methods works you should call your internet service provider for assistance. They will send a technician to reset your router and troubleshoot the issue.

Trust that they have more knowledge than you in this field. They should be able to solve the issue within no time.

Final Words

Arris Group on My Network is not always harmful. Sometimes it’s just your Arris modem and router that is appearing on your network with that name. If not, then you should remove the unknown device at once. You can follow the solutions provided in this post.


Q1. How to reset Arris’s router?

Ans: To reset your Arris router, you must press and hold down the reset button until you see the LED lights blinking. After releasing the button, wait for the router to reboot.

Q2. Why does Arris’s router stop working?

Ans: Your Arris router might fail to work if there are damaged or loose cables and wires. Make sure that the cable is firmly connected to your modem’s port. Also, check the power cords and ensure they are plugged in properly.

Q3. Is it possible to hack an Arris router?

Ans: Like any other router, an Arris router can also get hacked. This is why it is important to update the firmware of your router and set a strong password.

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