In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Xfinity router blinking white.

Like other routers, Xfinity routers also come with a set of LED light indicators. The purpose of these indicators is to display the status of your connection or network. By looking at these lights you can tell what’s going on with your router at the moment.

Xfinity Router Blinking White

Xfinity routers will blink different color lights based on the activity or problem you are facing.

Many Xfinity users complain that their router is blinking white. If you want to know why it happens or how it can be fixed, you have come to the right place.

Xfinity Router White Light: What Does it Mean?

Xfinity router blinking white is a very common problem. Almost all Xfinity users have experienced this issue at some point in their lives.

When the white light is solid, it means your router is connected to the internet. But if it starts blinking continuously, it means your internet connection is not stable. This happens when your router is unable to connect to the internet. Another possible reason could be that your service is not activated yet.

Whatever is causing the problem, it can be fixed. We will discuss the solutions to this problem in the next section.

How to Fix Xfinity Router Blinking White? (6 Easy Methods)

Now that you are aware of the causes of the Xfinity router blinking white, let’s talk about the solutions you can try. There are many ways to fix this issue. But you should decide your approach based on the reason that’s causing the problem.

Method 1: Restart your Router

It is always better to start with the easiest solution. Restarting the router will not only solve the white light blinking issue but will also remove bugs that have accumulated over time.

In most cases, restarting the router is all you have to do. It is a very obvious, but effective method to resolve such issues.

When you restart your router, it will end the previous session and start a new one. The steps to restart an Xfinity router are very simple. Just switch off the unit and turn it back on after 30 seconds. This will allow the router to restart effectively.

Once you switch on the router, check whether the problem is solved. In case, the white light is still blinking, you should move to the next method.

Method 2: Factory Reset your Router

Altering the settings of your router often can lead to problems like this. With a simple factory reset, you can get rid of all the setting changes you made to your router. It will return the router to the same condition it was in when it left the factory.

Remember factory resetting your router will remove all the settings and changes you have made. That means you will have to set up the router all over again. This may be a time-consuming process, but it is worth a try.

Method 3: Check your Cables and Connections

Sometimes this problem can be caused due to hardware issues as well. This is why it is important to check your cables and connections before trying any complex solution.

What you need to do is take a good look at all the connections to and from your router. Make sure that the cables are plugged in securely. You should also check if the cables are damaged.

If you notice any sign of fraying or damage along the length, it is better to replace the cables with new ones. Trying to make the damaged cables work will only worsen the problem.

Method 4: Complete your Xfinity Activation Process

Your router might be blinking white because you haven’t completed the Xfinity activation process. Once you complete the activation process, the problem will be solved.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Start with downloading the Xfinity app on your mobile device.
  • Use your Xfinity password and user ID to log in to your account. You will get your login credentials after you complete the registration process.
  • You will find a QR code on the side or bottom of your Xfinity router.
  • Scan this QR code to detect the gateway.
  • After that, you will need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Once you are done, wait for some time till your router gets activated.
  • After the activation process is completed, you will have to confirm your Wi-Fi password and network name.
  • After that, your Xfinity router will be activated.

Note: During the process, the router might restart automatically. There’s nothing to worry about as it is normal.

Method 5: Service Provider Issues

Your ISP experiencing a service outage can also cause your Xfinity router to blink white. It can happen due to various reasons such as scheduled maintenance or bad weather.

Using the Xfinity app or contacting customer support, you can find out if the problem is caused due to a service outage. In such a situation, you cannot do anything but wait. Usually, service outages don’t last long unless it is very serious. When the white light turns solid, you know that the service outage is fixed.

Method 6: Contact Customer Support

If none of the above methods works, then the only option you are left with is to call the customer support service. Tell them the issue you are facing and they will provide all the assistance you need.

There’s no need to hesitate as Xfinity customer support is one of the best. They have a dedicated customer service team who are always there to help you. They should be able to figure out the problem and provide the right solution to fix it.


By now you should know what causes an Xfinity router to blink white. If you notice the same thing happening to your router, you should try these solutions to fix it. In case, the problem is caused due to a service outage, you will have to wait until it gets fixed. For any assistance, you have Xfinity customer service to help you out. They are 24/7 available to help customers in need.

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