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7 Best WOW Compatible Modems Review List Will Blow Your Mind in 2024

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Many of you are still using a rented modem from WOW. Instead of paying monthly fees for an average modem, you should get your advanced device. This will not only save you money but will also give you better performance and speed.

Buying your modem is the best thing to do as it allows you to pick a unit of your choice. But you will need to choose a modem that is compatible with WOW.

Luckily, there are plenty of modems that are supported by WOW. To save you time, we have already prepared a list of the best WOW! compatible modems. All you need to do is just go through the details of each device and pick the one that is right for you.

WOW Compatible Modems

Best WOW Compatible Modems Reviews

With so many available options, it often becomes difficult to pick the right one for yourself. Instead of searching the whole internet, go through the reviews below and you will surely find something suitable for yourself.

#1. NETGEAR Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.1 (CM1000) Gigabit Modem: Editor’s Choice

NETGEAR Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.1 (CM1000) Gigabit Modem, Compatible with All Major Cable Providers Including Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, For Cable Plans Up to 1 Gbps,Black
12,684 Verify User Reviews
NETGEAR Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.1 (CM1000) Gigabit Modem, Compatible with All Major Cable Providers Including Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, For Cable Plans Up to 1 Gbps,Black
  • Compatible with all major cable internet providers with internet speed up to 1Gbps. Currently...
  • Model CM1000 replaces your cable modem saving you up to 168/year in equipment rental fees
  • Connect any WiFi router to this modem's Ethernet port to support all your wireless devices

Netgear is one of the top companies when it comes to making network devices and equipment. The company provides some of the best modems for WOW internet subscribers.

Netgear CM1000 deserves the top position on our list for all the right reasons. Let’s check out what it has to offer.

Why is it Unique?

Netgear CM1000 ensures high performance and great speeds. It is an ultra-high-speed cable modem that delivers speeds up to 1 Gbps. 

With this unit, you can stream Ultra HD videos even during peak hours. Not just that, but it is also good for downloading large files and online gaming.

Besides WOW, it is also compatible with Comcast, Spectrum, and others. It doesn’t have a built-in router but supports all routers.

It comes with a single LAN port on the back, which can be used to hook the unit to a router and then connect it to other devices.

Buyer’s Experience

This DOCSIS 3.1 unit is ideal for users looking for a simple and minimalist modem design. It has received high ratings due to its incredible speed and smooth performance.

One of the best things about this unit is that it supports all cable internet speed tiers, up to Gigabit service. It also provides a fast and easy setup.


  • It is ideal for power users.
  • It has DOCSIS 3.1 technology.
  • It supports all routers.
  • It provides fast speed.


  • It has only one LAN port.
  • It often loses connection.

Best Fit For

This unit is perfect for those who want to get rid of paying monthly lease fees for their rented modems. You can use this modem for uninterrupted online gaming and ultra-HD streaming.

#2. Motorola MG7550 Modem WiFi Router Combo: Best Pick

Motorola MG7550 - Modem with Built in WiFi | Approved for Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum | For Plans Up to 300 Mbps | DOCSIS 3.0 + AC1900 WiFi Router | Power Boost Enabled
  • 16x4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem plus a built-in AC1900 Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) WiFi Gigabit Router...
  • Requires cable Internet service. Approved by and for use with Comcast Xfinity and Xfinity X1, Cox,...
  • Built-in high-speed Wi-Fi router with AC1900 Wi-Fi, and Power Boost, and DFS provides Internet...

Motorola is yet another company you can trust. MG7550 is a modem router combo that is built for performance.

The good thing about this unit is that it is supported by most cable providers, including WOW.

Why is it Unique?

It is based on a Broadcom cable modem chipset, which makes it a highly secure option. This protects your device from cyber-attacks DoS.

One plus point is that it includes four Ethernet ports, which means you can connect more devices at once. You don’t need to worry about the speed as it has a Power Boost option. This feature helps you to boost the signals to the maximum limit.

It comes with a built-in that allows you to enjoy high-speed internet access on your smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, etc.

Buyer’s Experience

Most people like this unit because it combines the benefits of both a modem and a router. Instead of buying both devices separately, they can invest in one. Being a combo unit, it also helps save space and reduces wires.

The presence of the Broadcom cable modem chipset makes the unit safe and less vulnerable to online attacks.

It is also provided with a 2-year warranty for buyer protection.


  • It has a power boost system.
  • It is a dual-band modem/router combo.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It includes AnyBeam Beamforming for faster speeds.


  • Some users have experienced speed throttling.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Best Fit For

You should get this unit if you want both a modem and a router. It will give you the best of both worlds in one device. Due to the in-built router, you can enjoy internet access on various devices.

#3. NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C7000: Best Performance

NETGEAR Nighthawk Modem WiFi Router Combo C7000-Compatible with Cable Providers Including Xfinity by Comcast, Spectrum, Cox for Plans Up to 800Mbps | AC1900 WiFi Speed | DOCSIS 3.0
12,968 Verify User Reviews
NETGEAR Nighthawk Modem WiFi Router Combo C7000-Compatible with Cable Providers Including Xfinity by Comcast, Spectrum, Cox for Plans Up to 800Mbps | AC1900 WiFi Speed | DOCSIS 3.0
  • Save monthly rental fees: Model C7000 replaces your cable modem and Wi-Fi router, saving you up to...
  • Speeds by carrier: Xfinity (up to 800Mbps), Cox (up to 500Mbps), Spectrum (up to 400Mbps).
  • Fast Wi-Fi performance: Get up to 1800 square feet wireless coverage and 30 devices connected with...

We have another Netgear modem that is as good as the previous one. If you want high performance, the AC1900 Dual Band Cable Modem is the perfect option for you.

This Wi-Fi modem router combo is designed to meet DOCSIS 3.0 specifications and deliver 8x times faster speed than DOCSIS 2.0.

Why it is Unique?

This is one of the fastest modem router combos you will find. It gives you a speed of 1.9 Gbps, which is ideal for uninterrupted HD video streaming and online gaming.

It is ideal for WOW internet services of 200Mbps and above. The good thing is that the modem is compatible with other ISPs as well.

The built-in WiFi router covers a space of about 1800 sq. ft. and allows you to use the device wirelessly. Additionally, it can connect up to 30 devices.

Unlike other units, it doesn’t have limited ports. To be precise, it has 2 USB ports and 4 Ethernet ports. You can also connect a USB drive to share and stream content on your LAN.

Buyer’s Experience

Buyers have voted in favor of this unit because it is a combination of a modem and router. It also has dual-band functionality with WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK security setups. 

The modem is easy to set up and can be used for gaming, work, or entertainment.


  • It has a lot of ports.
  • It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi router.
  • It can be used wirelessly.
  • It has an easy setup process.


  • Some users have faced issues setting up a VPN on this modem.
  • It lacks DOCSIS 3.1 technology.

Best Fit For

If you are done paying monthly rental charges for your modem, you should get this Netgear AC1900 unit. It is a versatile device that can be connected to a large number of devices.

TP-Link 16x4 AC1750 Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router | Gateway | 680Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 - Certified for Comcast XFINITY, Spectrum, Cox and more (Archer CR700)
  • Eliminate rental fee: eliminate your cable Modem monthly rental fee - up to $120 per year
  • Cable Modem router: item is cable Modem router and this will serve as both your cable Modem and...
  • Industry leading support: 2-year warranty and free 24/7 technical support; J. D. Power Ranked...

Next up, we have a TP-Link modem router. This unit is ideal for people on a budget. Despite coming from a world-class brand, it has a lower price tag.

Before you decide to get this unit, let’s check out its features and specifications.

Why is it Unique?

This is a 2-in-1 device that combines the benefits of a modem with a wireless AC router. It is designed to help you create a powerful home network.

With this unit, you can achieve up to 680Mbps download speeds. It uses AC1750 dual-band WiFi for demanding activities like 4K streaming, gaming online, and sharing large files.

It comes with DOCSIS 3.0 tech and 16×4 channel bonding for increased throughput. This ensures faster speeds on all connected devices.

Buyer’s Experience

Many buyers like this unit because it comes with a hassle-free setup. You can complete the setup and get it running in no time.

They also like the fact that it is compatible with other major ISPs like Xfinity, Spectrum, etc.

It provides high-speed wired connections. It includes two USB ports that allow you to hook external drivers to the modem. This way you can share large files more easily.


  • It provides a reliable connection.
  • It is ideal for demanding tasks.
  • It is a budget-friendly modem.
  • It has a 2-year warranty period.


  • It doesn’t let you install any custom firmware.
  • It doesn’t allow you to customize the firewall.

Best Fit For

You can use this modem for online gaming, sharing large files across your network, and even streaming 4K videos.

#5. ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem: Best For Gaming

ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 32 x 8 Gigabit Cable Modem , Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum , 1 Gbps Port , 800 Mbps Max Internet Speeds , Easy Set-up with SURFboard Central App , Black
  • Modem Technology: DOCSIS 3.0 is a reliable, broadly available, and affordable technology that...
  • Simple and Secure Set-up: Plug-in the device, download the SURFboard Central App, and follow the...
  • Compatibility: The SURFboard SB6190 is compatible with major U.S. cable internet providers including...

If you are looking for the best gaming modem that is compatible with WOW, then you have Arris Surfboard SB6190 to choose from.

It is a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem that is capable of bonding up to 8 upstream and 32 downstream channels. With this modem, you will get full value for your money.

Why is it Unique?

It is best for internet plans with speeds up to 800 Mbps. It is designed to power your home network with the latest technology.

It includes one gigabit Ethernet port that allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi router or other device. However, it doesn’t support digital voice service.

Due to its high speed, you can use this modem for things like gaming consoles, smart TVs, and others.

Buyer’s Experience

This Arris modem is very popular among users. Besides WOW, it is compatible with almost all major ISPs in the U.S. This includes Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, etc.

It also offers an easy setup, so you don’t need to struggle much. You can complete the installation and get it started within no time.

But the best part of owning this unit is that you can control it using the SURFboard Central app.


  • It can be controlled with a mobile app.
  • It is easy to set up and install.
  • It is ideal for gaming.
  • It has a low price tag.


  • It doesn’t have voice support.
  • It has only one Ethernet port.

Best Fit For

If you are all about gaming and want great speeds, then this modem is for you. However, you can also use it for video conferencing, and 4K streaming.

#6. Arris SURFboard SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Cable Modem: Best Speed

ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem , Approved for Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Charter Spectrum, & more , Two 1 Gbps Ports , 1 Gbps Max Internet Speeds , 4 OFDM Channels
  • A Trusted Name in Home Connectivity: Better connectivity, better speed. The ARRIS SURFboard SB8200...
  • Save Money: Own your modem and save. Reduce your cable bill up to $168 dollars per year in cable...
  • Modem Technology: DOCSIS 3.1 is the newest technology available from cable internet providers. Its...

If you want a modem with great speed, you should consider getting the Arris SURFBoard SB8200 modem. It can easily handle WOW’s highest-speed plan.

With this modem, you can enjoy an unhindered surfing experience, video calling, and more.

Why is it Unique?

The Arris SB8200 is equipped with the Broadcom chipset to ensure high transmission speeds even during peak hours. Provided that you have the right WOW plan, it can help you reach download speeds up to 950Mbps.

It includes two high-speed Ethernet ports. Besides that, it also includes a dedicated slot for the coaxial cable and the power output.

Buyer’s Experience

Almost everyone who has bought this modem has given positive feedback. They find this unit easy to use and install.

Buyers also like the fact that it is compatible with other ISPs like Verizon, ATT, DSL, or CenturyLink.

It is one of the fastest modems you can get for your home.


  • It is very affordable.
  • It delivers great speed.
  • It doesn’t get overheated.
  • It has LED indicator lights.


  • It doesn’t include voice support.
  • It is not suitable for mid-range WOW plans.

Best Fit For

This Arris modem is ideal for demanding tasks like video calling, online gaming, and downloading large files.

#7. ARRIS Surfboard SB6183 Cable Modem: Best For Low-Speed Plans

ARRIS® Surfboard® SB6190 Cable Modem, White
  • Power your home network with the SB6190 to deliver fast speeds and a reliable connection to the...
  • Get internet speeds up to 1.4 Gbps for downloads and 262 Mbps for uploads based on your cable ISP...
  • Gigabit Ethernet port connects to your computer or router for fast downloads.

If you want a WOW-compatible modem to work with your low-speed internet plan, you should consider opting for the Arris SB6183.

It is one of the best standalone modems you will find. With that said now let’s check out its features.

Why is it Unique?

The Arris SB6183 is equipped with a dual-threaded chipset for fast transmission of data packets even during busy hours.

It is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem with 16×4 channel bonding support. This makes it a perfect entry-level unit within this price range.

The 16×4 channel bonding provides download speeds of up to 686Mbps and 90Mbps for uploading content.

You can thus, use this modem for HD streaming and simple surfing.

Buyer’s Experience

Not everyone has high-speed internet plans. If you are a low-speed WOW internet plan subscriber, you will find this modem the best choice.

Not just WOW, but this unit is also compatible with major U.S. ISPs including Spectrum, Cox Xfinity, and others.

Buyers love it because it provides them with an enhanced personal media experience.


  • It supports IPv4 and IPv6 internet standards.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It provides multi-router compatibility.
  • It is cost-justified.


  • It is not suitable for high-speed WOW internet plans.
  • It is not meant for demanding tasks.

Best Fit For

This modem is ideal for less demanding things like surfing the internet, and HD streaming. For heavy tasks like online gaming or 4K streaming, you should consider getting any other model on this list.

Buying Guide For The Best WOW Compatible Modems

If you don’t have much knowledge about buying modems, don’t worry, we have got your back. We have discussed the important factors that you must consider when buying a WOW-compatible modem.

1. Compatibility

If you are buying a modem that is not mentioned in this list, you must make sure that it is compatible with WOW. For this, you should go to WOW’s official website and check if the modem you are buying is compatible. You can also call WOW’s customer support to enquire about the same.

2. Speed

The next most important thing is speed. Let’s say, your internet plan speed is 1 Gbps, and the speed supported by your modem is only 800 Mbps, then it’s a clear mismatch. To get the best internet experience, you must get a modem that can handle the speed provided by your internet plan. Besides that, you should also check the upstream/downstream speeds. We would recommend you go for DOCSIS 3.1 modems as they use modem technology to offer high speeds.

3. Security

You should get a modem that offers the best security features. This will help you stay safe from hackers and cyber-attacks. Having strong security features will prevent hackers from breaking down the connection and stealing important information. This is why you should consider getting a DOCSIS 3.1 as it has good security features.

3. Number of Ports

You must also check the number of Ethernet ports the modem has. The more ports a modem has, the better it is. Having multiple ports means, you can connect more devices at the same time. Many modern modems have up to four Ethernet ports. So when buying a modem, check the number of ports it has.

How to Set up a WOW Modem?

After getting a new WOW modem, you need to set it up to access high-speed internet. The steps to self-installation are simple and easy. Instead of paying a professional, you can do it on your own and save money.

The self-installation kit will consist of the following things:

  1. Internet modem
  2. Ethernet card
  3. Power cord
  4. Coaxial cable
  5. A How-To Guide 
  6. A guide with instructions

These are the steps you need to follow:

  • First of all, select an ideal location for your modem in your home. Make sure the location is clear of any obstructions like furniture, walls, etc.
  • After placing your modem, look for a power outlet to connect the coaxial cable. Now adjust the cable by moving it anticlockwise into the power outlet and connecting the other end to your modem. Make sure that the connection is not lost.
  • After connecting the cable, connect the power cord to your modem and a power outlet and turn it on.
  • After 10 minutes, you will see the blue lights on your modem become static. If it doesn’t, then there’s a problem with your coaxial cable. In this case, you should select another cable outlet and try again.
  • Once your modem is on, you can connect your devices to your WiFi. Check the label on the side or back of your modem to find the network password and address.
  • Add the pre-shared key on the modem to connect your device to your internet. 
  • After connecting your device, you will see a welcome screen by WOW! If you don’t see the pop-up, you can visit wowway.com/selfinstall.
  • You are shown three options on your screen. But you will choose the ‘activate service’ option. 
  • After that fill out the form shown on the screen. You will need to enter the 4 digits of your official account number along with your zip code and your last name. Review the terms and conditions and then click ‘submit.’
  • Now follow the guidelines to login into your account. You can now change the password as well as the network settings.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is it possible to use a modem that is not compatible with WOW?

Ans: It is better not to use a modem that is not compatible with WOW. While regular modems will give you internet access, you won’t get an optimal experience. So if you are a WOW internet user, you should get a modem approved by WOW.

Q2. Where to buy WOW-compatible modems?

Ans: You will find a large collection of WOW-approved modems on Amazon.com. All the products reviewed in this post are also available on Amazon.

Q3. What is the advantage of using a DOCSIS 3.1 modem?

Ans: Using a DOCSIS 3.1 modem gives you high speed and can support plans up to 10 Gbps. It also makes a future-proof choice for power users.

Q4. Do you need a different modem for gaming?

Ans: When it comes to gaming, you need a high-performance modem, or you might face a lot of latency issues. The best choice would be to opt for a DOCSIS 3.1 modem as it provides better stability and network performance.

Q5. Can you use a modem without a router?

Ans: With just a modem, you can access the internet. But to connect your devices to the internet wirelessly, you will need a router. To save money, you can buy a modem-router combo. These are modems with a built-in router.

Final Words

So now you know about the best WOW-compatible modems currently available in the market. By getting any one of these modems, you can enhance your overall internet experience. Additionally, it will help you get the most out of your WOW internet plan. Hopefully, you will find the desired modem on this list.

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