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Why Wistron Neweb Corporation Device On My WIFI Network?

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. No matter, where we are or what we are doing, we cannot function smoothly without the internet. Well, such is the importance of the internet in our lives.

Wistron Neweb Corporation Device

As we continue to consume the internet, we keep adding more and more devices to our network. Sometimes, you might notice some unknown devices showing up on the network. This can raise a lot of questions regarding the safety of your network.

One of the unknown devices that people keep seeing is the Wistron Neweb Corporation Device. If you are wondering what this device is and why it appears on the network, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the WNC device on the network and whether you should remove it from your network. So, make sure not to skip any section in this post.

Understanding The Reason Wistron Neweb Corporation Device Appearing On WIFI Network

Encountering a Wistron Neweb Corporation device on the Wifi network may raise questions about its significance. Wistron Neweb Corporation, a prominent Taiwanese manufacturer specializing in communications equipment, particularly excels in the production of WiFi modules. These electronic components play a crucial role in enabling wireless internet connections on various devices.

Your router employs identifiers embedded in WiFi modules to identify and register devices that connect to the network. The router displays the device’s name rather than the WiFi module itself. 

However, configuration errors may lead to the router detecting the connected device as a Wistron Neweb Corporation device. This occurrence prompts further exploration into the configuration settings of your network.

Wistron Neweb Corporation

Wistron Neweb Corporation stands as a Taiwanese powerhouse, specializing in both wireless and wired communication equipment. It boasts a diverse range of products, including smart home appliances and WiFi modules.

Despite its prominence in the communication equipment industry, the name Wistron Neweb Corporation might not ring a bell for many. The reason lies in its business model — the company primarily provides communication equipment devices to other manufacturers.

For example, it serves as the producer of WiFi electronic components for tech giants like Lenovo, Apple, and Samsung. This positions Wistron Neweb Corporation as a vital player in the technology ecosystem, contributing to the functionality of devices manufactured by top brands.

Should You Let The Wistron Neweb Corporation Device Stay Connected?

Wistron Neweb Corporation manufactures equipment for communication for major IT companies with robust security policies. Trusting a company of this stature is similar to placing your confidence in giants like Samsung, and Apple. Also, maintaining the presence of a Wistron Neweb Corporation device on the network is deemed entirely secure.

However, if you encounter an issue, then you should consider removing the device from your network. The most effective method involves disconnecting each device from the network and seeing if the Wistron Neweb Corporation device disappears.

Wistron Neweb Corporation produces a myriad of WiFi-based devices, including smart home devices such as washing machines, refrigerators, plugs, light bulbs, dryers, dishwashers, and more. 

To find out the specific device causing concerns, you should turn off WiFi on each connected device, and every time after disabling a device, inspect your network for the Wistron Neweb Corporation device. This systematic approach ensures the identification of the unwanted device and allows you to make an informed decision on whether to remove or retain the device from your network.

Securing Your WiFi Network

While a Wistron Neweb Corporation device might pose no threat to the network, there are plenty of other hostile devices that can infiltrate your network. The concerning part is that these hostile devices can camouflage themselves within familiar devices, making it difficult to detect them. These devices may not appear with names on the network.

Here you go with some dos and don’ts to secure your network:


  • Manually Connect Devices

Some routers feature WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), a convenient method for device connection. However, due to security vulnerabilities, it’s advisable to avoid accessing this feature. Instead, opt for a manual device connection that needs a WiFi password.

  • Employ WPA Encryption

WPA (WiFi Protected Access) encryption is known for its robust security. To make the most of this feature, you should aim for the newest generation, WPA3, if possible. However, WPA2 still provides acceptable security and most modern routers come with this setup activated by default.


  • Rely Solely on WPS

While WPS may simplify device connectivity, its security flaws make it a less preferable option. Intruders can exploit these vulnerabilities, making manual device connection a more secure choice.

  • Neglect Encryption Updates

Make sure that your WiFi network encryption is up-to-date. The latest encryption standards, such as WPA3, offer enhanced security features, but even WPA2 remains a secure option. Keeping encryption protocols current is crucial to maintaining a strong defense against potential threats.

By following these guidelines, you can boost the security of your WiFi network and mitigate the risks posed by potential threats.

Final Words

If you notice an unknown device connected to your network, like a Wistron Neweb Corporation device, it might make you worried. It could seem like your wireless network is attacked by viruses, hackers, or harmful software. However, Wistron Neweb Corporation is harmless for your network. The device might be listed on the network by mistake, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Instead, take the necessary steps to make your network safer.