Comcast Internet So Slow All Of A Sudden

Comcast’s internet service is used by millions of Americans. Despite being one of the leading internet service providers, they are not immune to issues.

Comcast is known for its fast internet speeds. But there are times when the subscribers are plagued with slow speeds or poor internet connection. Now the question is what should you do to improve the speed?

Let’s face it, no one likes slow internet speed. If you are having issues with your Comcast internet speed, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will try to cover all the important details you should know about why is my Comcast internet so slow.

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Xfinity Internet & Comcast Internet

First of all, Comcast and Xfinity are the same things. What we mean is that Comcast is the parent company and Xfinity is the brand that they use for internet, TV, and home phone services. Both names are used interchangeably by customers. To give you a better idea, let’s talk about both Xfinity and Comcast separately.

Xfinity is the trade name of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, which is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation. This is the brand name they use to market consumer internet, cable television, telephone, and wireless services. The brand was first launched in 2010. Before that these services were marketed under the parent company name, Comcast.

Comcast Corporation was previously known as Comcast Holdings. It is a telecommunications conglomerate based in America, with its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It happens to be the second-largest cable television and broadcasting company in the world in terms of revenue. The company is known to provide services in 40 states in the US and the District of Columbia. Comcast is the parent company of Xfinity, which means Xfinity Internet is owned and operated by Comcast.

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Why is My Comcast Internet So Slow All of a Sudden

Coming back to the main topic, if you are having slow internet speed, you need to first find out whether the issue is with Comcast or with your home network. For this, you need to diagnose your slow Comcast internet problem. It is not always difficult to find out the root of the issue. You just have to focus on the symptoms and it will help you to find out the reason for the slow internet speed.

If you notice any of these things, then you know the problem is with Comcast:

  1. Sudden loss of internet connection, even when you have a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  2. Lesser bandwidth than what you are supposed to get from your plan.
  3. Slow internet speed during certain times of the day.

You know the problem is with your home network if you notice the following things:

  • Poor Wi-Fi connection even when the wiring is fine.
  • Slow internet speed only on a specific device.
  • A lot of network issues and reduced speed.
  • More issues arise when you have more people in the house.

Factors And Reasons That Make Your Comcast Internet So Slow

Before you find a solution to fix your slow internet speed, you need to identify the root cause of the problem. In this section, we will try to cover all the possible reasons that could result in slow internet speed.

1. Slow Internet During Peak Hours

By peak hours, we mean the time during the day when there is a lot of pressure on the modem. The time between 7 pm to 2 am is when the peak hours start. If you are a Comcast internet subscriber and sharing your connection with your neighborhood, you are likely to face slow internet speeds.

Some internet service providers give promotional offers to get more clients. You may get slow internet speed during the promotional offers as well.

2. Network Overload

If you are using multiple devices, chances are you are overloading your network. This can also cause your internet connection to slow down.

In this case, you can use a modem router combo to balance the extra load on your network. This will also relieve your network during heavy uploads and downloads.

3. Cyber-Threats

The internet is never a safe place. You never know who’s keeping a check on your network. Not just hackers, but there are other cyber threats that you need to be aware of.

This is why you are recommended to secure your connections by installing reliable antivirus software. This will help you keep your network safe from malware and spyware.

4. Hacked Internet Connection

If your password is not strong enough, there is a risk of your internet connection getting hacked. Anyone with little hacking knowledge can gain access to your modem and start using your internet without you knowing it.

If you face slow internet speed for most of the day, you should change your password to a more secure one. Make sure to set a strong password and make it hacker-proof.

5. Damaged Cables

Many of you are using coaxial cables for your connections. No doubt, it is a good choice as coaxial cables are designed to be safe. But certain areas might need some repairs from time to time. For example, you should check the connectors with joints thoroughly.

When data passes through damaged cables, you may lose your data to hackers.

6. Compatibility Issues

The browser you are using also plays a major role in a slow internet connection. Not just that, but even your device’s RAM and processor matter.

This is why you are recommended to check your OS and browser compatibility. Plus, you should also use reliable RAM and a processor for better internet connectivity.

Addition Tips to Fix Your Slow Comcast Internet Connection

Now the question is how to fix your slow Comcast internet connection. To help you out, we have laid down some useful tips for you.

#1. Upgrade Your Plans

If you have subscribed to the basic Comcast internet plan and expect to get a fast internet connection, you will only get disappointed. To enjoy the best speed, you should upgrade your subscription plans. This will give you access to high-speed internet instantly.

#2. Restart Your Router

If you haven’t restarted your router for a long time, it may create problems. It may get stuck at a specific point and slow down your internet speed. In this case, you are required to restart/reboot your router.

#3. Restart Your Device

Not just the router, sometimes you should also restart your device. If you are facing a slow internet connection often, restart your device and see if that helps.

#4. Reset Your Modem

If restarting your modem doesn’t solve the issue, then you should try resetting it. Disconnect the modem from your device and reconnect it. Give your modem some rest before you switch it on again.

#5. Perform a Speed Test

To know the speed of your modem, you need to perform a speed test. If your internet is slow all of a sudden, you are advised to perform a speed test. This will help you determine the speed of your modem when it goes slow.

#6. Hardwire Your Device

If there is an issue with your Ethernet cable, it can result in a poor internet connection. In that case, you need to first diagnose the issue and hardwire your device with the router or modem you are using. By hardwiring your device, you can enjoy better speed and performance. 

#7. Get a New Router

If your router is very old, it can give you a lot of trouble. To save yourself from the daily hassles, you should get a new router and replace it with the old one. This will automatically change the internet speed and make it better and faster. Learn more about how long does a wireless router last.

#8. Call Comcast Customer Service 

If nothing is working for you, then you should call Comcast customer support for help. Inform them about the issue and they will suggest you a solution.


Q1. How to Make Your Comcast Internet Faster?

Ans: There are a few good ways to make your Comcast internet faster.
1. Move Closer to Your Gateway
2. Manually restart your gateway
3. Clear any obstruction in the way
4. Avoid interference
5. Relocate your gateway

Q2. How to check Comcast’s Internet Speed?

Ans: To check your device’s capabilities and your Comcast internet speed, simply enter the model and make it at You can also compare your device’s expected speed to other similar devices.

Q3. Should you Buy or Rent your Modem from Xfinity?

Ans: Buying your modem will help you save money in the long run. But when you rent your modem from Xfinity, you will have to pay a rental fee every year. Also, the quality of the modem offered by Xfinity may not be good enough to give you high internet speed.

Conclusion on Comcast Internet So Slow

Comcast Internet is the best internet service provider you will find in the US. But just like every other ISP, they also face issues sometimes. To fix your Comcast internet speed, you can try out the mentioned tips in the post. Hopefully, this will solve your problem. But before you implement a solution, you must find out who is at fault.

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