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There are times when you feel the need to return a product. There could be various reasons behind your decision. For example, the product is defective, received a different product, or you changed your mind. No matter, the reason, it is important to know the right way to return a product. Different brands have different return policies that need to be followed.

If you are wondering how to return Xfinity equipment, this guide is for you. In this article, we will tell you how & where to return your Xfinity equipment safely and efficiently.

Reasons You May Want To Return Xfinity Equipment

Some of the possible reasons why may want to return your Xfinity equipment are:

1. Moving

If you are moving to a new location where Xfinity services are not available, there’s no point in carrying Xfinity equipment with you. In such a situation, the wise thing to do will be to return the equipment.

2. Canceling A Service

If you no longer wish to stay subscribed to Xfinity, then you must return any equipment that you may have rented from the company.

3. Upgrading Devices

You have used the same Xfinity equipment for a long time, and now you wish to upgrade it. In this case, you will need to give back the old equipment to get a new one.

Before returning your Xfinity equipment, make sure that the device is in good condition. If anything happens to the device, then you may have to pay additional charges.

Easy Ways To Return Xfinity Equipment

If you decide to return your Xfinity equipment, here are some convenient options for you.

Option #1: You Can Return Xfinity Equipment to Any Xfinity Store

  • Locate the nearest Xfinity retail store in your area. 
  • Schedule an appointment by visiting
  • Return your equipment by dropping it off at the Xfinity Retail Store.
  • Once you have returned your equipment, it will be removed from your account
  • You will receive a receipt from the Xfinity Retail Store, confirming all the details of your return.

Option #2: Return Xfinity Equipment Online

To start your return process online, follow these steps:

  • Start by signing in to your Xfinity account and access the Equipment Return page. Make sure you have your Xfinity password and ID to proceed with the online return. If you don’t have your login details, you can directly visit a nearby UPS Store.
  • If you have already submitted a return request, you can track its status on the Pending Return Status page.
  • Check off the equipment you wish to return and click Continue.
  • Verify the serial number on the device to ensure it matches your selection. For TV Box returns, click Identify Device, and the correct TV Box will show an on-screen message.
  • Choose the reason for your return and click Continue.
  • Select your preferred return option, and select Confirm.
  • If you have opted for UPS Prepaid Shipping, return the equipment to the Device Management Center.
  • Click on the Return Details option for the device you are returning.
  • Print the shipping label for your package and place the equipment into its original box. Also, don’t forget to attach the UPS pre-paid shipping label on the outside of the package.
  • Retain the top portion of the label containing the tracking number; this will serve as your receipt.
  • Call 800-PICK-UPS for an at-home pickup, using the label’s tracking number.
  • Alternatively, you can drop off the package at any UPS shipment location.

Note: It can take up to two weeks for the return to be processed.

Option #3: Return Xfinity Equipment to UPS Store

You can also drop off the Xfinity equipment at a nearby UPS Store.

  • Find a UPS Store in your area with the help of this site.
  • Pack the equipment in a cardboard box and use the prepaid UPS shipping label that you printed at home. If you can’t pack the equipment, you can simply drop it off at the UPS Store. Someone at the store will do the packing on your behalf without any additional charges.
  • You can easily track your return either at or on
  • You can find the tracking number on the return label. You should also check the receipt that you received from the UPS Store.

If you have provided an email address, they will send you a confirmation email once the equipment is received. It may take up to two weeks for the return to reflect in your account.

What Equipment Should You Return To Xfinity?

Here is the list of equipment that you should return to Xfinity if you decide to cancel their service, or upgrade your device.

1. Internet Users

If you are using Xfinity internet services, then you must return the HDMI cable, charging cable, power adapter, and Ethernet cables. If there are any other accessories, you should return them too.

2. Security Subscribers

You must return the doorbells and cameras.

3. TV Users

If you no longer want to be an Xfinity subscriber, then return the remote controls, TV box, and power cords.

4. Mobile Users

Make sure to return the charging cables and smartphones.

5. Voice Bundle Customers

As an Xfinity customer, you should return the voice phone, power adapter, and base.

6. Xfinity xFi Complete Users

You must return the xFi pods and supplied gateway.

When you are preparing to return your Xfinity equipment, check whether you have included all the accessories and cables that came along with the equipment.

What Happens If You Don’t Return Xfinity Equipment?

When you don’t return Xfinity equipment, charges will apply for each unreturned item. These fees are generated every month and added to your bill once you miss the return deadline.

If your account is active, the fee will recur every month until the equipment is returned. However, if your account is closed, you will face a one-time fee.

For voice equipment, the monthly charge for non-return is $15. Failing to return the Xfinity TV box will result in charges ranging from $10 to $15. If you neglect to return the router gateway, the charges will vary from $110 to $300, depending on the retail price of the device.

If you fail to settle these fees, a case will be made and sent to the collections agency. This can impact your credit score negatively.

Fortunately, once the equipment is successfully received and processed at their warehouse, the corresponding fees will be removed from your bill. If you notice any erroneous charges, you can have them corrected. However, once rightful charges are applied, refunds may not be available.

How Long Can You Keep Xfinity Equipment After Cancelling The Service?

The timeframe for returning Comcast equipment varies depending on the type of service you have canceled. For all other services, including Xfinity, you have a 10-day window to return the equipment following the service cancellation. 

However, if you are an Xfinity mobile user, you are given 14 days to return the smartphone.

To return the devices safely and prevent any damages, make sure to pack the equipment in a sturdy shipping box. This will ensure the equipment reaches its destination in good condition.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Returning Xfinity Equipment

1. Encountering Difficulties With Printing The Prepaid UPS Shipping Label

To resolve this, attempt to use an alternative printer or browser. If the problem persists, reach out to Xfinity customer support for further assistance.

2. No Xfinity Store Nearby

In such cases, contact Xfinity customer service, and they will provide you with an alternative return option for your convenience.

3. Equipment Not Recognized In The Digital Return Center

Double-check that you have entered the correct serial number. Should the problem persist, get in touch with Xfinity customer support for guidance and support.

FAQs on Return Xfinity Equipment

Q1. How do I return my equipment if there is no Xfinity retail store near me?

Ans: In this case, you can drop off the equipment at a UPS store, if there’s one in your area. Or you can contact Xfinity customer service for assistance.

Q2. Can I keep the Xfinity equipment after canceling my service?

Ans: After canceling your Xfinity subscription, you will have to return the equipment to the company.

Q3. What will happen if I don’t return my Xfinity equipment?

Ans: Xfinity will prepare a case and send it to the collections agency if you don’t return your Xfinity equipment. This will lower your credit score.

Q4. What to do if the Xfinity equipment gets damaged when returning?

Ans: You will have to pay damage charges if something happens to the equipment while returning it.

Q5. How long does it take for Xfinity to process returns?

Ans: It may take up to two weeks for Xfinity to process returns. Once the return is processed, they will remove the device from your account.

Final Words on Return Xfinity Equipment

You can return Xfinity equipment following the ways mentioned in this post. Now that you know how the Xfinity return process works, it should be easier for you to go about it. Just make sure to return the device in good condition. Otherwise, you will have to pay damage charges. Also, keep the return receipt safe because you may need it later.

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