Orbi Router and Satellite Light Meaning

When it comes to mesh WiFi router systems, Orbi is truly the best. It comes with 2-3 satellites and a router; together they deliver a powerful performance.

If we take a look at the units, both the devices are equipped with an LED light indicator. It is located on the top or front ring. The purpose of this LED is to indicate the status of the internet connection. Depending on the connection, the lights will blink or change color.

If you are a new Orbi user, it is obvious that you are not yet familiar with the lights and their state. No worries, we have got your back. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about Orbi Router and Satellite Light Meaning.

Orbi Router Light Colors Meaning & Fixes

We will start with the Orbi routers first. In this section, we will tell you what the different Orbi router light colors mean and what you should do if you encounter a problem.

#1. Orbi Router Green Light

First thing first, the green light indicates the power status of the router. When the light is stable green, it indicates that the router is turned on and working fine.

If your router doesn’t show the green light, it means it is switched off. To get it to work, you need to power your router by connecting it to a power source.

#2. Orbi Router White Light

Orbi white light means that the router is installing firmware updates or booting up. Once the process is over, the white light automatically turns off. It usually takes just a few minutes for an Orbi router to update its firmware or boot up.

If the white light is stable, it implies that the router is trying to establish a connection with the satellite.

If the white light is off, it means the router is working normally. You don’t have to worry even if the white light starts blinking. It happens whenever the router installs updates or configures itself. The light should stop blinking after a few minutes.

In case, the light continues to blink white for a long time it could mean some software issue. It is also possible that the router is facing problems updating the firmware.

Quick Fix:

The best solution to the Orbi router blinking white is to restart the unit.

In case, it doesn’t work, you should consider factory resetting the router. After that, you can install the latest firmware update to make the device work smoothly.

#3. Orbi Router Pink/Magenta Light

Orbi router shows a pink or magenta light when it fails to connect to the internet.

If the pink light starts blinking, it means your router is unable to access the IP address from your internet service provider. As a result, it is not able to connect to the internet.

This can occur if your WAN port is loose or there’s a problem with your service provider. Another reason could be the configuration changes made by you. However, there’s nothing to worry about as it is a fixable problem.

Quick Fix:

The first thing you need to do is check if the WAN port is loose. Make sure that the cables are tightly plugged in.

If the WAN port is fine, then you can consider restarting both your modem and router

If your router is using an outdated firmware, update it. Also, check if you have cleared your internet bill.

It is also possible that the problem is caused due to a server outage. In that case, you should call your server provider and confirm the matter.

If nothing works, then reset your router. Doing so will return the unit to its factory state and remove the configuration that might be causing the issue.

#4. Orbi Router Blue Light

A stable blue light indicates that the router is ready to use. It also means that the router is synced with the satellites.

However, if the blue light starts blinking, it indicates a connection problem. It is possible that your router has reached the internet limit set by you and therefore, the connection is blocked.

This can be avoided by increasing the internet limit of your Orbi router even better if you completely disable the feature. This way you can use the router without encountering such problems.

Quick Fix:

You can turn off the feature or increase the internet limit by following these steps:

  • Open the Orbi app on your mobile.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Locate the option Bandwidth Limit.
  • Now you can either increase the limit or turn it off completely.

#5. Orbi Router Orange/Amber Light

If you notice your Orbi router blinking orange or amber light, it means it’s time to reset both your satellite and router.

This could be the result of some internal issues. The best way to deal with such problems is to factory reset both devices.

Quick Fix:

Here’s how you can factory reset your Orbi mesh router:

  • Find the Reset button located at the back of the router.
  • Use a pin to long-press the Reset button.
  • After releasing the button, allow the device to reset itself.
  • It will take a few minutes to get over. During this time, don’t interfere with your router.
  • Once the router restarts, the orange light should stop blinking.

#6. Orbi Router Red Light

If your Orbi router blinks a red light, it means the firmware is corrupted. This can prevent your router from working.

This kind of issue needs to be fixed immediately. We suggest you seek professional help in this case.

Quick Fix:

To get your router fixed, you should contact Orbi customer support on their number: 1-800-419-4543. Or you can reach them through the official website.

They will either provide you with a solution or send someone to check the router. If the issue is unrepairable, they will replace the router with a new one. This is only if the router is still under warranty. If the warranty is over, then you will have to pay to get a new router.

Orbi Satellite Lights Meaning & Fixes

Now that you have an idea about Orbi router lights, let’s move on to Orbi satellite lights. Like Orbi router, Orbi satellites also have different light states, each indicating something different.

#1. Orbi Satellite Green Light

A solid green light on the satellite units indicates that the device is powered on. It generally means that the device is working fine, without any issues.

A stable green light is completely normal, so you have nothing to worry about.

#2. Orbi Satellite White Light

If you see the Orbi satellite showing solid white light, it means it is successfully connected to the router. It could also mean that the satellite is booting up.

If the white light is inactive, you don’t have to worry because it is completely normal. Once the satellite is finished booting or installing the firmware updates, it will turn off on its own.

The problem starts when the white light keeps blinking for a long time. It denotes that the device has failed to install the firmware updates or the software has some issues.

Quick Fix:

If you encounter a similar situation, simply restart your Orbi devices. After the device restarts, you can install the latest firmware updates.

If this solution doesn’t solve the problem, you might want to factory reset your Orbi devices. After that, you can proceed to update the firmware.

#3. Orbi Satellite Amber/Orange Light

The orange light on the satellite unit informs about the connection status with the router.

If the orange light is stable, it means the connection between the Orbi satellite and router is fine. It suggests that the internet connection is active, but the speed may not be up to your expectations.

The orange light is likely to stay on for 3 minutes before automatically turning off. After that, you can close the distance between your router and satellite to enjoy a better connection.

If the orange light starts blinking, it means you need to hard reset your Orbi devices. This can happen due to some software problem.

Quick Fix:

  • Use a pin to press the Reset button on the Orbi device for at least 15 seconds.
  • After releasing the button, let the device reset itself.
  • Once the reset process is over, the orange light should stop blinking.

#4. Orbi Satellite Blue Light

The blue light informs about the connection status between the satellite and router.

If the blue light is stable, it means your Orbi router has a strong connection with the Orbi satellite. It will automatically turn off after 2-3 minutes. It doesn’t require any manual attention.

#5. Orbi Satellite Pink/Magenta Light

If you see your Orbi satellite flashing a pink or magenta light, it means it is unable to establish a connection with your Orbi router.

If it continues to blink for a long time, it implies that the connection is lost. Or it is unable to access the router’s IP address.

This usually happens if the two devices are placed far away from each other. Closing the distance between the two devices should resolve the issue.

If your Orbi satellite displays a solid pink light, it means the router is not within its range.

Quick Fix:

The best way to resolve the Orbi router pink light issue is to place both the router and satellite closer to each other. After changing their position, you should restart the devices.

If the issue exists even after closing the distance, check the cables. If you notice any loose connection, tighten it.

If cables are not the problem, then consider updating the router’s firmware. You should also verify if there’s a server outage in your area.

If nothing works, factory resetting your Orbi device is the only option left.

#6. Orbi Satellite Red Light

It happens rarely, but if you ever see your Orbi satellite showing a red light, understand that the firmware is corrupted.

If the red light starts blinking, it indicates an issue with your Orbi router that needs immediate attention. In this case, you may need professional assistance.

Quick Fix:

We suggest you contact Orbi customer support. Their number is 1-800-419-4543. Or you can reach out to them through their website.

They will send an expert to your place to get the device checked.

Final Words

Orbi mesh router system is a great option for expanding your home or office network. Despite being a high-end product, it is not free of flaws. Now that you know the different meanings of Orbi lights, it will be easier for you to identify the issues and fix them. To ensure smooth operation, make sure to use the latest firmware update.

Orbi Router and Satellite Light Meaning FAQ

Q1. How to know if the Orbi mesh router is working normally?

Ans: If the LED light is solid green, it means your Orbi router is working fine.

Q2. When should I factory reset my Orbi router?

Ans: You don’t need to factory reset your Orbi router unless there’s some serious issue.

Q3. Why should I buy an Orbi router and satellite unit?

Ans: Orbi router and satellite unit are best for those who want to extend their home network. It is ideal for big houses and apartments.

Q4. Can the Orbi router auto-install firmware updates?

Ans: Unless there’s some issue with your Orbi router, it should be able to auto-install firmware updates.

Q5. Where should I place my Orbi router?

Ans: The ideal position for your Orbi router is a place that is free of obstructions such as furniture, walls, electronics, etc.