More and more people are spending time on the internet because access to it has become quite wide. You can expect to join a network and surf the net even if you are outside your home. There are libraries, parks, hotels, and other places that offer you Wi-Fi access, and sometimes, it is free.

Having said that, while the internet offers a lot of neat things, many people encounter issues that hinder the overall browsing experience. 

Better Overall Browsing Experience

If the situation sounds familiar, you are probably interested to know how you can improve things while using the internet. The information in this article will do just that.

Way To Improve Better Overall Browsing Experience

1. Unblock Restricted Content

It is possible that you might be facing problems online because some of the content has been blocked by either your ISP, government or another person using the same computer.

For example, if you cannot watch videos on YouTube, you should try to get them unblocked via a virtual private network or a proxy. Switching to an internet browser like Tor is also one of the solutions since it functions similarly to a VPN, except you can just rely on the browser.

2. Switch to a Different Browser

Speaking of Internet browsers, it is possible that you might still be stuck with Internet Explorer if you are on MS Windows. This particular internet browser is notorious for its.

sluggishness. If you have been using IE, it would be a good time to switch to a better alternative.

Right now, the most popular internet browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Tor, and Opera.

3. Clear Browser Cache

Continuing with the internet browser topic, one thing to note about them is that you need to get in the habit of clearing the browser cache regularly. 

It might seem counterintuitive to do because cache exists to speed up a website’s loading speed by collecting information, but the accumulation of too much cache hinders the browser’s speed. If you can, try to clear the browser’s cache at least once every month, and you will notice how much better the browser works.

4. Solve Problems With Your ISP

In case you have a bad internet connection and want to improve it, getting in touch with your internet service provider should be the first thing to do. 

The problems that they see from their end are usually not something a client can solve themselves. As such, if you notice drops in upload and download speed or that websites take longer to load than usual, get in touch with your ISP and hear what they have to say.

5. Move Router Away From Electronics

As a rule of thumb, you should keep the router away from electronics. The reason behind that is that third-party peripherals, such as wireless printers or even microwave ovens, get in the way of the Wi-Fi signal.

The problem is not apparent if you have an ethernet cable instead, but most laptop users do not bother plugging an ethernet cable into the device because it limits their movement. Not to mention that using Wi-Fi on a smartphone or tablet requires a wireless connection.

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Electronics could be the reason why the internet signal is jammed, and moving the router to a different location could improve the connection. 

6. Install Browser Extensions

Some internet browsers have a plethora of available extensions that can really improve one’s browsing experience. One thing to note, though, is that you might end up adding more extensions than the browser can handle, which results in a significant performance drop, so keep that in mind.

Now, as for which browser and extensions to use, Google Chrome seems to be the standout option. One of the main reasons why Chrome is so popular is precisely because you have so many extensions available from it.

Some of the most popular choices include different adblockers to prevent annoying online advertisements, Grammarly to check your spelling and other grammar, LastPass to manage passwords, and Evernote to make clippings, to name a few.

7. Avoid Social Media

Social Media

It might be that spending too much time on one thing could be ruining your internet experience. One such example could be social media. If you find yourself spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another SM platform, take some time off it and find other ways to spend time.

Look for Ways to Entertain Yourself

The internet is a great source of learning, but you can also use it for entertainment purposes. Streaming platforms, video games, interesting articles, videos on YouTube, and other entertaining things are available on the World Wide Web, and it would be a waste not to have fun with them while you have time.

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