Return Spectrum Equipment

If you no longer need Spectrum Internet services?

You would want to discontinue your subscription?

In this case, you will have to return whatever spectrum equipment was provided to you by the company.

Before you proceed with the return process, you need to understand how it works. Failing to return the Spectrum equipment within the designated timeframe might result in additional charges.

The simplest way to go about it is to pack the equipment securely and leave it off at a nearby Spectrum store.

Alternatively, you have the option to utilize partnered courier services such as US Postal, UPS, and FedEx. You can rely on these services to help you with the Spectrum return process. They will manage the packaging and shipping for free.

If you are an elderly person or have disabilities, you can reach out to Spectrum. They can arrange for equipment pickup without charging any additional fees.

If you wish to know more about where to return spectrum equipment, read through the article below.

How Do I Return Spectrum Equipment

There are various ways to return Spectrum equipment. It means you can choose the method that is most convenient for you. For better understanding, we have discussed all the possible return methods in the lines below.

#1. Return Spectrum Equipment At Spectrum Store

Returning your Spectrum equipment couldn’t be simpler. Just head over to a nearby Spectrum local office or retail store and hand over the equipment directly.

With over 650 Spectrum stores spread across the US, you are likely to have one located close to your home.

Opting to return your equipment at a Spectrum store comes with the advantage of immediate confirmation and tracking from the company’s end. This added assurance is particularly valuable if you are working within a specific return timeframe.

#2. Return via USPS

The process for returning Spectrum equipment via USPS is easy. Simply visit your nearby post office and inform them that you wish to return your Spectrum equipment.

Make sure to attach a pre-printed shipping label, which can be obtained directly from the Spectrum website. This label will take care of postage and any other requirements for transporting the equipment back to the company. To save on packaging costs, consider utilizing the original boxes the equipment arrived in.

It’s important to obtain confirmation from the post office indicating that you have handed over the equipment.

#3. Schedule A Spectrum Equipment Pickup

This option is available only for specific customers, including disabled individuals, the elderly, and those eligible for special exemptions. They can schedule an equipment pickup from Spectrum contractors.

To initiate this process, you need to contact Spectrum’s customer support. If you are interested in scheduling an equipment pickup, you can reach out to them via phone or online chat. The customer service representatives will tell you about the steps involved in arranging the pickup.

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#4. Return via FedEx

Returning your Spectrum equipment using FedEx is a simple process. All you have to do is pack the equipment and attach the return label to the box. Don’t forget to take a return receipt from the FedEx facilities.

It’s important to secure confirmation from FedEx acknowledging the equipment handover. The postage fee is managed by Spectrum, so you won’t need to make any payments.

However, retaining this confirmation is advised for your records, particularly in the event of any transit-related issues.

The following types of equipment are eligible for return via FedEx:

  • Spectrum Voice modems
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • DOCSIS 3.0 modems
  • DOCSIS 3.0 gateway devices 
  • DOCSIS 2.0 Wi-Fi gateway devices
  • Spectrum receivers

#5. Spectrum Equipment Return via UPS

You can also return Spectrum equipment via UPS (United Parcel Services). This option can be used for specific equipment such as voice modems, modem-router combo, and Wi-Fi routers. Just so you know Spectrum has a partnership with UPS for this purpose.

To proceed, simply visit a local UPS facility and inform them of your intention to return equipment to Spectrum, and they will help you with the return process.

Once you indicate your status as a Spectrum customer, UPS will handle shipping and packaging at no cost.

If you are unable to locate a nearby UPS store, you can make use of the UPS Store Locator tool to find the closest available store.

It’s essential to obtain a confirmation receipt from UPS as evidence that they have received the Spectrum equipment directly from you. This documentation serves as proof of your UPS-assisted equipment return.

Important Details About Returning Spectrum Equipment

If you are unhappy with Spectrum’s services, the company will refund your money within 30 days of purchasing the equipment. The specific deadlines for returning various types of Spectrum equipment are as follows:

  • For Apple devices, a 14-day window is provided.
  • Any other equipment, such as modems, routers, receivers, and auxiliary devices can be returned within 30 days.

Certain equipment like cables and remotes doesn’t need to be returned.

Is It Necessary To Return Spectrum Equipment?

You will have to return Spectrum equipment such as modems, routers, and other devices if you didn’t buy them outright. This usually includes individual routers and modems, and combined router and modems units.

Additionally, certain components provided by Spectrum might have been included in your package, particularly if they are related to TV or phone services.

In case, you have bought any equipment directly from Spectrum, you don’t have to return them.

Reasons To Return Your Spectrum Equipment

Spectrum provides various equipment to go with their services such as Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Voice, Spectrum TV, and more.

If you decide to discontinue Spectrum services, it becomes your responsibility to return all the items that you have leased from the company.

It is mandatory to return the equipment if you choose to terminate your Spectrum Internet Service. Furthermore, other scenarios could prompt you to reduce your utilization.

Let’s say, your current internet plan has a higher data cap than your actual requirements, or you are experiencing recurrent drops in your internet connection. In such situations, you might want to return the modem, so that Spectrum will send you a modem tailored to your desired plan.

What Is The Duration For Returning Spectrum Equipment? 

As per Spectrum’s policy, you are required to return the equipment to the company within 15 days after canceling the service. This timeframe is clearly outlined in their terms and conditions, and they generally adhere to this policy.

When you get in touch with a Spectrum customer representative to initiate a cancellation, they will inform you about this 15-day return window.

In some cases, Spectrum can be generous to extend the return period of up to 30 days, before they begin imposing any penalties.

Which Equipment Should Be Returned To Spectrum?

The equipment you need to return varies based on the specific services you have subscribed to.

For customers with internet-only subscriptions, the devices to be returned consist of routers, modems, modem-router combos, Wi-Fi Pods, power cords, and auxiliary devices.

In the case of TV subscribers, the equipment to be returned comprises an Apple TV unit, TV receiver, and power cords. 

If your plan includes voice services, you will have to return the voice modem and phone.

However, if you opted for Spectrum self-installation, there’s no obligation to return the Ethernet cables.

What Happens If You Don’t Return Spectrum Equipment?

Failing to return Spectrum equipment within the stipulated 15-day period could result in additional charges being added to your final bill. 

If you neglect to return the equipment, you will be charged additional fees, which might include replacement costs or the exact cost of the equipment. The specific charges will vary based on the equipment type.

Furthermore, you might be liable for any expenses incurred by Spectrum in their efforts to retrieve the equipment. These charges can escalate quickly, and therefore you should return the equipment within the given timeframe.

If your return is partial or incomplete, you will be charged for that too. If Spectrum fails to retrieve the equipment, it will contribute to the fee associated with the unreturned equipment. The only way to avoid these things is to follow the given deadline.

Are There Penalties for Failing to Return Spectrum Equipment?

If the Spectrum modem is no longer in use due to a service cancellation, downgrade, or upgrade of Spectrum service, you are required to return the device to the company.

Failing to return the equipment will impose a $10 fee onto your account as a consequence. Moreover, you will be held accountable for the entire replacement cost of the device under your possession.

The replacement cost is determined by Spectrum, which could potentially amount to several hundred dollars. To avoid this financial burden, it’s crucial to return the equipment upon service termination.

When initiating service cancellation with Spectrum, make sure to specify the equipment that needs to be returned. They will have a record of the equipment you are renting from them.

For accuracy, it’s advisable to get the serial numbers for each piece of equipment before returning them.

In case, you had an internet-only plan, your usage likely revolved around the router, modem, or combo gateway device. But if TV services were part of the plan, returning the Spectrum DVR and cable box is mandatory.

Spectrum Equipment Return on FAQ

Q1. Where can I return Spectrum equipment?

Ans: Spectrum offers multiple options to return equipment. You can return the equipment to Spectrum retail store, USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Q2. Can I schedule a Spectrum equipment pickup?

Ans: You can avail of this option only if you are an elderly or disabled person. This option is also available in certain special cases.

Q3. How to return the equipment if there is no Spectrum retail store nearby?

Ans: If you don’t have a nearby Spectrum retail store, you can contact Spectrum customer support for assistance, or opt for other return methods.

Q4. What is the penalty amount for not returning Spectrum equipment?

Ans: The penalty amount is not fixed. It depends on the type of equipment, package service, and other factors.

Q5. Do I have to return my Spectrum TV remote control?

Ans: It is not mandatory to return Spectrum TV remote control and cables.

Final Words on Spectrum Equipment Return

After reading this post, the process of returning Spectrum equipment should be clear. You can choose any of the mentioned methods to return your spectrum modem, router, or other devices. The wise thing to do is to select the method that is most convenient for you. Just make sure to complete the return process within the given time. Otherwise, you will have to pay additional charges.

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