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Forgot or Lost FireStick Remote? Tricks To Find Lost Firestick Remote in 2024

Forgot or Lost Amazon FireStick Remote?

One of the worst feelings in the world is about losing control. Although control can be a matter of perspective, it is certainly not an imagined concept in regards to the television Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote. A FireStick remote is a small device and can be easily misplaced or lost. However, losing this small yet utterly essential device can take away all the entertainment from your life leaving you stranded with your television set. However, there are some ways, you can return your long-lost key to glory.

In certain cases, the FireStick can also be used without a remote. To understand the range of solutions and the ways to execute them we must understand how a FireStick operates.

Forgot or Lost FireStick Remote: How Does a Firestick Operate?

Generally, all the FireSticks operate on a WiFi connection. The FireStick is available with a Bluetooth remote. When the FireStick is set up for the first time after purchase, the WiFi connection with the device is established and the credentials are saved. The remote is paired with the FireStick with the help of Bluetooth.

If you have lost the FireStick in the house, then the issue will be simple to solve. Moreover, losing the remote in the house will still let the WiFi switch on the FireStick. However, one cannot navigate through the channels without a remote. The situation can be worse if the FireStick has crossed the default range of the WiFi and the FireStick remote is nowhere to be found. However, no need to worry anymore as this guide will provide all the relevant details and stepped explanations of the solution.

I Lost My Firestick Remote: Tricks To Find Lost Firestick Remote

If you have lost the Firestick remote and cannot find it anywhere around then there are some potential solutions that you can avail of. However, each solution will depend on an assumed situation. For instance, a Firestick remote, which is lost within the house, will have a different solution than a remote, that has been forgotten or lost outside the perimeter of the WiFi range.

Situation #1. If the FireStick Remote is Lost Indoors: What to Do Next?

If the Firestick Remote is lost within the perimeter of your own house then it can be certainly assumed that a thorough search in and around your home will reveal the location of the Firestick. However, till the time you get back your remote, a solution is needed to navigate the channels on the TV so that you do not miss your favorite shows.

One of the easiest and most simple ways to find a temporary replacement for the remote is by downloading the Fire TV app on your phone. The Fire TV app is an application found on the Play Store or App Store. This application will help you navigate through the television channels just like the FireStick remote.

Note: The user should ensure that both the FireStick and the phone are using the same network.

After downloading the app, once it is installed and opened, it will show the Fire TV Stick option inside the app. The user has to tap on the option to start the process of pairing.

The process of pairing Firestick with the app is simple and easy. Once you tap on your Firestick option inside the app, the pairing will start. Next, a message will appear on the television screen. This message will display the four-digit pin, which is the code for pairing. The user has to enter the pin in the app and the process of pairing is complete. This will let you use the iOS or Android phone as the Firestick remote. However, it is of vital importance that both the phone and the Firestick are run on the same network to remain connected.

This is one of the widely used methods to replace the lost remote. Once connected to the phone, the user can swipe through the channels and navigate through different options on the television with the help of the Fire TV app. This entire set can also come in handy when you are too lazy to come out of your blanket to fetch the remote on a cold winter day.

Situation #2. If the FireStick Remote is Lost Outdoors: What to Do Next?

If the Firestick is lost outdoors then the solution might be a little complicated. However, the solution is not farfetched and can be achieved with patience and conviction. When the Firestick remote is lost outdoors, it means that either the remote is lost within the hotel room or it has been forgotten back home.

The Fire TV app can be used in such a scenario as well but it would take more than a simple pairing process as the remote is lost and the FireStick will not recognize a different network like the WiFi of the hotel.

To get a resolution to such a situation, two essential devices are needed – A phone, that has the Fire TV app installed within it, and a device, which can work as a hotspot. This device can be an Android phone, a PC, or any other device, that has a stable network. Although it is known as a smart TV, be rest assured that it too can be fooled. The entire arrangement is done to make the Firestick think that it is still on the same network as the Fire TV app so that it initiates the process of replacing the old Wi-Fi connection with the new one.

The phone, which has the Fire TV app installed on it, will not recognize the FireStick anymore as it is on a different Wi-Fi network. Therefore, to fix this issue the Firestick has to be cheated with a duplicate hotspot connection posing as the house WiFi. This means that the Wi-Fi name or the SSID and the password of the hotspot provided by the PC or the phone have to be changed to the name and password of the home Wi-Fi. For instance, if the home network has a name XYZ and a password 123, a similar name and password have to be given to the hotspot network.

This is the part where Firestick is tricked into thinking that the hotspot network is home Wi-Fi. This will also let the Fire TV app recognize the Firestick and you can use it to take control of the television again. The Fire TV remote app then can be used to change the entire Wi-Fi connection setting to the new Wi-Fi network. Once the app and the Firestick get connected with the new network, you can navigate through the television easily.

Situation #3. Using the Remote of a Different Firestick

There are some other alternatives to the issue of Forgot or Lost Firestick Remote. One of the best alternatives to the problem can be using a borrowed Firestick remote to connect with the Firestick once again. Moreover, an older-generation remote control can also be used. This can be done by resetting the remote by long-pressing the Back, Left, and Menu buttons together for 15 seconds. This should be followed by the removal of the batteries.

Once this is done, the Firestick has to be restarted. The remote is reloaded with the batteries and the Home button has to be pressed. The successful execution of the steps will let you have your Firestick controlled by the new remote.

Situation #4. Using a USB Device Like a Keyboard or Mouse:

This is another alternative for a lost Firestick remote. This method involves buying a USB connector, which will be used to connect the Firestick to a Keyboard or a Mouse. The USB OTG connector will help connect the Firestick to any USB device. Such a setting will let you navigate through the television with the help of your keyboard or mouse. Moreover, if you have a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse then both can be used simultaneously by connecting with the Firestick Bluetooth.

The process to connect a Bluetooth device with the Firestick is a simple process. The Firestick should at first be connected with the Fire TV app. Then through the app, the Bluetooth settings have to be configured. The steps are given in chronology.

WhatsApp Image 2021 07 14 at 12.23.48

Settings> Remotes & Bluetooth Devices> Other Bluetooth Devices> Add Bluetooth Devices

Situation #5. Using an Air Mouse:

This is one of the easiest alternatives, one can avail. It does not require pairing, SSID changing, resetting the remote, or any other complicated steps. All you need to have is an OTG USB connector. An Air Mouse is a combination of a mouse and a remote. This means that the mouse has all the navigation buttons and can replace the Firestick remote. Moreover, it does not require any surface and one can navigate with the air mouse by flicking it in the air. It just has to be plugged in with the OTG connector and you will have an air mouse Firestick remote.

Situation #6. Using the HDMI Consumer Electronics Control [HDMI CEC]:

This is another potential alternative that the user can resort to if all the above-mentioned methods are not working. All the popular television brands come with this feature, which enables the user to take control of the electronic components. This built-in feature will certainly help third-party devices like the Firestick to be controlled by the television remote. 

However, an issue with this feature is that all the brands have their personalized names for it, which makes it difficult for the user to find the option in the settings. Fortunately, the feature by default is switched on, in case it is not turned on then the user has to find it and do it manually. Once you can find it and switch it on then you can enable the use of the TV remote as the Firestick remote.

Situation #7. Using the Universal Remote:

These are the best universal remotes that we found on the internet that you must try after you lose your Fire TV Stick remote.

  1. Logitech Harmony Elite: Best Overall Universal Remote for Amazon Firestick
  2. Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control
  3. Replacement Remote for Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K
  4. Sevenhugs Smart Remote
  5. Logitech Harmony Smart Control: Best Smart-Home Based Universal Remote

What if There is No WiFi Connection?

A Firestick runs on WiFi. It is mandatory to have a WiFi connection to run the Firestick properly. However, if the Firestick remote is lost outdoors then a hotspot connection can be used to trick the Firestick into thinking that the hotspot network is the same as the home WiFi network and can be controlled with the Fire TV app. The user should remember here that it is not possible to replace or reconnect with the Firestick if there is no Wifi or internet connection available.

If the Firestick remote is lost indoors then it will possibly be found in some time and with some hardcore search operations. Therefore, in such cases, it is recommended to get hold of the Fire TV app, pair it with the Firestick, and use the app till the original remote is found. However, if the remote is lost outdoors and there is no chance of retrieving it then the best budget option can be using the old, borrowed, or television remote itself to control the FireStick. However, if the user is looking out for something more sophisticated, luxurious, and an easy-access tool then he or she might go for the air mouse option. The user should remember that an OTG USB connector is mandatory for the air mouse to work.

Conclusion: Forgot or Lost FireStick Remote?

This guide has given an all-around view of how to deal with a lost Firestick remote. Initially, losing the remote can seem like a nightmare but with so many options available, the user must not be worried about the issue anymore. In case the FireStick remote is lost indoors, it is better to look for it in places like under the couch or bed. This is because a Firestick remote is quite small and can be left in places like this. Some popular brands like Amazon also have a range of alternative remotes to offer for sale. The user can also opt for a brand-new remote or an air mouse. In all cases, a Firestick without a remote can only be operated with a Fire TV app and a strong WiFi connection. Therefore, the user has to decide, which solution is best suited for him according to the budget and other network conveniences.