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Airtime Fairness: Should You Have It On Or Off In Your Wireless Router 2023?

Having a slow internet connection might be really frustrating when it comes to performance. Sometimes, it may not be because of slow internet access from your internet service provider. It may also be because of airtime fairness within the router. Because of such, you are bound to face delayed data transmission which will automatically reduce the speed. If you wish to get rid of airtime fairness or get better results, here is a complete guide that you can follow up on. Below are the steps by which you can easily turn on and off airtime fairness from your router. So without wasting any more time, let’s just jump straight onto this guide.

Airtime Fairness

What is Airtime Fairness?

Airtime fairness is basically a technology that is used to reduce the impact of slow devices. It helps in restricting wireless access to network bandwidth. If you are facing a slow internet connection, airtime fairness should be a simple process that will help you to get easy results. Airtime fairness is an advanced technology that helps you to get easy results.

You need to make sure that you get to use a decent airtime fairness option with great results. With WiFi technology, it becomes much easier to choose the right set of menus available. You might notice that wireless devices can be limited to certain options that can restrict internet activities. However, using the slowest of devices will never help you to achieve such results.

Thus, airtime fairness comes up as a big result. It is a specialized technology that helps users to access wireless devices and can increase or decrease data packet transfer speeds. With the help of airtime fairness, the router will limit transfer data and you will not have to work about the time to transfer.

How to Turn On/Off Airtime Fairness?

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to go to the router settings. Open up any web browser on your PC and make sure it is connected to the same network as your router.
  2. Enter your default IP on the address bar and then hit enter. This will redirect you to the system control of your router. Enter the default user id and password to gain access to your router.
  3. Once you gain access, go to the settings profile. Look for options such as wireless settings. Simply tap on this menu and allow the new page to open up.
  4. Here you will be able to find options like professional. Tap on this option and you will find a new option like airtime fairness. There should be two options like disable and enable. Tap on disable or enable according to your need.

When To Use Airtime Fairness

This will completely depend on what your requirements are and what will be the final fiasco. It is important to choose the right procedure that will allow you to get easy settings. If you wish to enable airtime fairness for the first time, it was always a bit difficult to choose as well. Using airtime fairness allows gaming computers to work as they should under any circumstances. It basically helps you to gain easy access that will help to reduce the time taken for data transfer. If you are in such a situation when you do not need an excessive amount of data, it is important to keep the airtime fairness active.

At the same time, disabling airtime fairness is another big thing to get confused about. Sometimes when you are working on important things with some devices, they might lack impeccable speed. As a result, they face reduced amounts of data. This can cause the signal to fluctuate at times and will drop out the connection. If you want to increase this speed and set of time, disabling the airtime fairness is the only possible option. It will allow you to get a better router configuration so that you can take advantage of this speed boost. Signal fluctuation may happen because of two reasons-either location of your device is far away from the router if it is not able to work properly with a slower device.

Conclusion: Airtime Fairness

Airtime Fairness is a great way to set a limit to data transfer from your router. By default, every router comes with minimal airtime fairness to prevent the router from overworking. If you want to get the right balance of airtime fairness by turning it on or off from your router, this is the exact guide you need. You can also follow up the same procedure to alter more settings on your router. Do let us know if you find any difficulties in changing the internet settings as per your needs.

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